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Inside the Bishop House

One of the houses on the Cathedral Tour in January was ‘The Bishop House’. This home really struck a chord with my readers; it is charming and beautiful, yet also scaled to be cozy and relatable. Although it is around 5500 square feet, you would never guess at the size by looking at the exterior; homeowner Michael Ladisic (one of the premiere builders in Atlanta) and architect Linda MacArthur thought that it was important to keep as many of the walls in the front of the home as possible, as well as the scale of the rooms, in order to maintain the cozy feel characteristic of a Peachtree Park home (a charming residential area in the heart of Buckhead, yet just steps away from the shops and restaurants). However, with the purposeful creation of axial views from room to room, the house flows well and feels more expansive than it did before the renovation.


To get a full appreciation for the transformation, here is a ‘before’ picture of the Bishop House.

When the family was in the planning stage of the renovation, Margaret Ladisic (age 5 at the time) sketched out her idea of a dream home; this picture (seen above) was an inspiration for what emerged as the exterior of the house.


And here is the ‘after’, a picture that I took when I first visited the house in late October (which explains the Halloween decor). Aren't the similarities to Margaret's picture amazing?

Building upon the overall concept for the house, architect Linda MacArthur had the idea to honor the Bishop’s legacy (and his home of 50 years) by paying homage to both the Bishop and his church with subtle ecclesiastical details in the home. The double doors with beveled glass and fleur-de-lis strap hinges were designed to echo the doors to the Cathedral of St. Philip (in Atlanta); other elements include a spectacular groined ceiling in the entry, quatrefoil elements found in architectural details and furnishings; pointed arches in doors and windows; and a beautiful stained glass window in the family room. The result of the renovation is a family home that is truly one of a kind, cozy, charming, and welcoming.

Many of my readers had seen the home featured in Southern Living this fall, and wanted to see more. So, I asked homeowner Michael Ladisic whether I could post pictures of the interior on my blog. The only problem was that the interiors of the house had changed quite a bit since I saw them in October! So, on the day before the tour, when the house was all ready for its visitors, Michael invited me over to see the changes.

When I arrived, the house was buzzing with activity; interior designers Sherry Hart and Denise Rogness of Sherry Hart Design were there, doing the last minute fluffing. Yet the house also had a very calm vibe, due to the fact that the lights were low, and soothing music was being piped in through the sound system. I soon learned that the the house was being photographed by premiere photographer Tina Rowden. Although Tina is known throughout the Southeast for her stunning wedding and lifestyle photography, she is also gaining a reputation for her luminous interior photography. Tina and I hit it off immediately, and she graciously offered to let me to use her pictures for this post. Please visit Tina’s blog for more images of her beautiful work; her website with even more examples of her amazing work can be found here (I love the music she has on her website – make sure to visit it with your volume on). All photos, with the exception of the before and after of the house exterior, are by Tina Rowden.


This vignette is from the entry; the beginning of the curve of the groined ceiling can be seen on the edge. This room was added to the original house, as was the front porch. If entries establish the tone of the house, this one beautifully speaks to the graceful architectural details that await the visitor in every room. The groined ceiling certainly made an impression on me, and was one of my favorite parts of the house. Michael recently added the shutters on the window, which adds such charm to the space. Photo credit: Tina Rowden.

  • Iron Fossil table by Webb-Marsteller
  • Side bench by Webb-Marsteller
  • Front Entry Doors by Torrey Building Products
  • Pendant Light by Jennifer Bell @ Vinings Lighting
  • Stone Limestone Floors by Renaissance Tile (Charlene Rowe)
  • Paint Color – Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige
  • Groin Vault Ceiling like those in the Cathedral
  • Decorative Pillows by CMA (Christian Mosso & Assoc.)


The property is 65 feet wide, 265 feet deep, so the house itself is deep rather than wide. The house is laid out off a central hall that spans from the front to the back, with rooms that open up off the hall. At the back of the house is the family room and kitchen, and the garage is attached to the house, but positioned in the back. There are three stories; the second floor has the family bedrooms, as well as a bonus room over the garage. The third floor has an office and a bedroom.

The living room (pictured above) is to the right of the entry hall. Because this home was renovated, the scale and proportion of many of the original rooms were retained to keep the home in scale with its neighbors.

  • Chandelier is Visual Comfort by Vinings Lighting
  • Original size of the Bishop Living Room
  • Draperies by Ace Drapery & Upholstery
  • Chairs by Mrs. Howard
  • Oriental Rug by Mrs. Howard
  • Loveseat by Webb-Marsteller
  • Porcelain Side table by The VanCleve Collection
  • Draperies by Ace Upholstery
  • Framed Artwork from owners trip to Mexico
  • Table and Antique Mirror by Webb-Marsteller
  • Carpet by Underfoot Design
  • Iron Table by Webb-Marsteller
  • Existing Original Fireplace
  • Fireplace Mantel supplied by Architectural Accents
  • Fireplace Cladding by Materials Marketing
  • Framed Artwork by Webb-Marsteller
  • Antique Chest from Scott’s Antique Market


Just off the living room, on the other side of the fireplace, is a charming sunroom. Because of the windows on three sides of the room, designers Sherry Hart and Denise Rogness utilized the window structure to hang artwork.

  • Chairs upholstery by Ace Upholstery
  • Relatively Original Sunroom with new windows (original size)
  • Side Table finished by Larry Hoyt
  • Draperies by Ace Drapery & Upholstery
  • Iron table found at Scott’s Antiques Market
  • Cypress Walls in Semi Transparent Carrington Beige Stain
  • Custom Arched Windows from Robert Bowden Company
  • Bluestone supplied by Fieldstone Center and installed by Onesimo Pelcastre (bluestone has been sealed and enhanced to match front porch stone flooring)
  • Back of existing fireplace brick painted Carrington Beige


The dining room opens to both the living room, the casual dining area, and the long entry hall that spans the depth of the house. The striking contemporary art piece is a new addition to the room.

  • Ceiling by Ivaskiv Trim
  • Carpet by Underfoot Design
  • Built in Cabinetry by Gorrell Woodworking
  • Painting from Webb-Marsteller
  • Silver by Beverly Bremer Silver Shoppe
  • Draperies by Ace Drapery & Upholstery
  • Sconces and Chandelier by Circa Lighting
  • Framed cross from Owners trip to Mexico
  • Decorative Pillows by CMA (Christian Mosso & Assoc.)


A view into the dining room from the entry hall. The powder room is on the left.


The guest room is on the main floor, on the other side of the entry hall from the dining room – which in my opinion is an ideal location for a guest, close to the kitchen but separate from the family bedrooms (which are upstairs). The guest bedroom was an original component of the house, reworked to fit in with the new house layout.

  • Custom Bed by Sherry Hart & Denise Rogness
  • Grass Cloth Wallpaper installed by Dan Edge
  • Light Fixtures by Vinings Lighting
  • Custom Upholstery by Ace Drapery & Upholstery
  • Side tables by Storehouse
  • Botanicals by Brice @ ADAC
  • Draperies by Ace Upholstery
  • Original Ceramic Sculpture by Clara Ladisic
  • Sisal Carpet by Underfoot Design


At the end of the long entry hall is this beautiful view – the family room with its sculptural mantel. This room, along with the kitchen, represent the beginning of the house addition to the original home. Literally a few hours before the tour started, and after this photograph was taken, designers Sherry Hart and Denise Rogness switched out the sconces in this room with lighter and more shapely sconces.

  • Custom Cabinetry by Holcolmb Fine Woodworking, LLC
  • Sofas by Mitchell Gold
  • Fireplace Wood from salvaged wood from Highlands NC
  • Glass lamp and side tables by Interior Philosophy
  • Iron Fireplace surround by Scott Goldstrohm
  • Honed Absolute Black Granite Hearth Stone
  • Custom Fireplace Light fixtures by Vinings Lighting
  • Picture Lights/hanging fixture by Circa Lighting
  • Faux Antique Beams Mike McKeown
  • Fieldstone and Granite stone wall by Onesimo Pelcastre Stonework
  • Door Hardware by Ashley Norton (Builders Display)
  • Cabinet Hardware by VanDyke’s Restorers
  • Seeded Glass supplied by Hardeman Fine Art Glass
  • Cast Horse on Mantel by Webb-Marsteller
  • Stained glass gothic window by Hardeman Glass
  • Antique Chest and Table are Lisa’s family pieces
  • Faux Finishing by Larry Hoyt
  • Leather Ottoman by Webb-Marstellar
  • Heart of Pine Flooring by Sound Flooring
  • Trim/Wall and Ceiling color is Ben Moore Carrington Beige
  • Pillows by Louisa Bonilla
  • Upholstery by Ace Drapery & Upholstery

stained glass

This charming little seat is positioned between the family room and kitchen; the opening to the kitchen is to the left of this wall. The stained glass window with its pointed arch is a charming detail in the home. Photo credit: Tina Rowden.


The family room is open to the kitchen, both of which are at the rear of the house (and, as mentioned before, are the beginning of the new addition to the house). I found this kitchen to be quite charming and warm. It is such a nice departure from the white kitchens and marble that are so prevalent in Atlanta these days; a white kitchen would not have worked in this warm and cozy home.

  • Appliances by Ferguson Enterprises
  • Cabinets by Ross Martin
  • Tile Supplied by Renaissance Tile
  • Tile Installer – Eagle One Tile
  • Custom Lead Coated Copper Hood by Doug Puckett
  • Island Counter – Absolute Black honed by Atlanta Kitchen
  • Marble Perimeter Counters by Atlanta Kitchen
  • Island Finish by Larry Hoyt
  • Island Pendants by Visual Comfort @Circa Lighting
  • Pantry Millwork by Alan Holcomb
  • Heart of Pine Counter by Ivaskiv, Inc. Trimwork
  • Island Butcher Block purchased by Owners outside Pine Mountain Ga Antique Store (used by Jane Holman w/ Studio Entourage as the inspiration for the overall kitchen design)
  • Solid Poplar French Doors by Cox Interiors


The master bedroom has recently undergone a dramatic transformation – when I visited in October, it was quite dark, but Michael and team painted all of the beams and trim, a new headboard was installed, new linens and pillows were purchased, and the room is now a light and airy retreat! Next week, I will post a before and after of this room so you can see the transformation.


Michael recently created a new mantel that provides textural interest, but also hides the television.


The master bathroom boasts steel shower doors.

  • Interior trim work by Mike McKeown
  • All paint color is Benjamin Moore OC-7
  • Master Wool carpet by Karastan, supplied by Underfoot Design
  • All stone work in the Master Suite was supplied by Materials Marketing
  • Limestone fireplace surround by Materials Marketing
  • Hidden TV wall by Ivaskiv Trim
  • Faux finishing of fireplace over mantel, side tables and lamps by Larry Hoyt
  • Interior shutters by The Louver Shoppe
  • Draperies and Custom bed by Ace Drapery & Upholstery
  • Side tables by Ikon Cabinets
  • Hanging Chandeliers by Vinings Lighting
  • Antique Board closet hardware found in Mexico
  • Drapery Rods & Bed Linens by Restoration Hardware
  • Cloud Cream Garden stool between by Van Cleve Collection
  • Antique wood pieces purchased at estate sales throughout Atlanta
  • Mirrored Chinese Garden Stool by The VanCleve Collection
  • Decorative Pillows by CMA
  • French side chairs refinished and recovered by Ace Drapery & Upholstery
  • Custom Wood brackets by Robert Bowden Company
  • Brick Veneer wall and arched brick bedroom entry supplied by John Beckham with Boral Brick (Installed by Jose Herrera with JRH Company)
  • Fireplace Installed by Onesimo Pelcastre Stoneworks
  • Paintings by artist Stephanie Wheeler and supplied by Webb-Marsteller
  • Master bath “his” vanity by Ross Martin
  • Heated Floor supplied by Warmly Yours.com
  • “Her” Vanity by Whiteck Cabinets
  • Counters are honed Limestone by Atlanta Kitchen
  • Tub is Sunrise Specialty by Ferguson Enterprises
  • Custom Steel Door by Brion Fitzpatrick
  • Door glass and glazing by Von with Smyrna Glass
  • Custom 9 piece mirror details by John Little with Mirror Graphics
  • Gothic Mirror frame by Ross Martin
  • Sconces by Visual Comfort and supplied by Circa Lighting
  • “Stucco” wall finish by Foundations Sheetrock
  • Plumbing fixture for her is by Phyllrich in polished nickel and supplied by Ferguson Enterprises, His faucet, along with the tub and shower fixtures, is by Rohl. The finish is Tuscan Bronze
  • Tub caddy by Sunrise Specialty Plumbing fixtures
  • All bathroom stonework supplied by Materials Marketing and installed by Eagle One Tile
  • All door hardware is Ashley Norton in Dark Bronze by Builders Display
  • Master bedroom entry lighting fixtures supplied by Vinings Lighting


Finally, the upstairs bonus room, which is the perfect place for Michael’s four daughters to hang out and study. The house does not have a finished basement, so this room functions very much like a basement for the Ladisics. Because of the desire to have this house match the size and scale of the neighborhood, this room is several steps down from the rest of the 2nd level, in order to keep the scale of the garage structure smaller. Access to this room is through the back stairs in the mud room.

  • Sofas repurposed from Living room and recovered by Ace Upholstery
  • Rug from the previous master bedroom
  • Coffee table was an old game table purchased by the owners and cut down and refinished by Larry Hoyt in an ebonized black stain
  • Millwork by Ivaskiv, Inc. trim
  • Silestone Counters on all desks by Atlanta Kitchen
  • Black & White photography by Clara Ladisic (oldest daughter)
  • River rock powder room counters by Atlanta Kitchen
  • Dentists lockable Stainless and glass cabinet purchased as a display piece by owners in Pennsylvania for $250
  • Wallpaper by Jaime Uribe Wall coverings
  • Heart of Pine flooring here and throughout home by Sound Flooring
  • Custom upholstery and pillows by Louisa Bonilla
  • Desk chairs by Pottery Barn
  • Built in Cabinetry by Ikon Cabinets
  • The baseboards in the room remove and are attached magnetically for additional storage
  • 4 matching hanging lights by Vinings Lighting
  • Bonus Room Powder bath Sconces by Circa Lighting
  • All plumbing fixtures and copper sinks by Ferguson Enterprises
  • All walls and trim painted Sherwin Williams Antique White
  • TV cabinet and window sashes painted SW – Griffin
  • Electronics and surround sound installed by Dynamic Entertainment Systems
  • Custom Bath mirror by Atlanta Glass & Mirror

The charm of this house is undeniable; it is clear that every detail was considered with great care during the renovation and even during the timeframe in which the Ladisics were preparing for the tour! Although the Bishop’s legacy lives on through the church and his flock, it is meaningful that his imprint can still be felt in his former home. The renovated space is truly a one of a kind home that has great warmth and beauty, and is a place of love, family and fellowship. Although the Bishop did not live to see the transformation to his former home, Michael and Lisa Ladisic like to think that the Bishop would have been pleased.

The Bishop House

Architect: Linda MacArthur - http://www.lindamacarthurarchitect.com/

Builder: Ladisic Fine Homes - http://www.ladisicfinehomes.com/

Interior Designers: Sherry Hart and Denise Rogness of Sherry Hart Design - http://www.sherryhdesigns.com/

Kitchen Designer: Jane Hollman with Studio Entourage

Landscape Architect: Brad McGill of Ellis Landesign

All photography (with the exception of exterior pictures) by Tina Rowden: http://www.tinarowden.com

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  6. Truly amazing renovation. The interiors feels welcoming and warm. I love the ecclesiastical details. They add to the "story" of the home.

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  21. OMG I love every thing about this dream home! Very comforting and elegant! Would of course like to see more art!

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