Monday, April 27, 2009

Restart Fine Art (a smart way sell your art)

Some people change their pillows or lamps when they want to freshen up their interior. I tend to move around my art, or even rotate out certain paintings and hang new or different paintings. As a result, I have a storage room full of paintings and framed prints that are beautiful, but no longer suit my home or my style.

You can imagine my delight when I heard about ReStart Fine Art. ReStart Fine Art was started by two Atlanta art collectors who had lots of great art, but a surplus of paintings in their collections. They wanted to make room for more art and also wanted their art to find new homes. Since they knew many others in the same situation, they decided to have an 'art on consignment' show a few years ago. Art collectors from all over Atlanta now participate in the show; you simply set up an appointment with the owners, have a meeting to discuss pricing and suitability of the art that you want to sell, and hope that someone will buy your paintings during the show! What a smart way to both clear out the extra art in your own home, as well as find new art pieces at great prices.

Stephanie Wheeler, an Atlanta artist participating in the show

Now the Restart Fine Art show has grown to such an extent that a gallery space is rented for the spring and fall shows, and (in addition to the art on consigment) a select group of local artists are invited to participate and sell their latest work.

The ReStart Fine Art spring show is this week: Tuesday, April 28th from 5-9pm; Wednesday, April 29th from 1-8 pm; and Thursday, April 30th from 1-7 pm. The show is located at 3057 Paces Mill Road in Vinings (the NW part of Atlanta), at the Pace House (a white house across from the Piedmont Physicians Building). Parking is available at Vinings United Methodist Church before 5 pm; after 5 pm parking is located at the Piedmont Physicians Building. For more information, call 770-436-7527 or visit the website.


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