Monday, April 13, 2009

Dining Room Decor Part 3: Collections on the Wall

Thank you to the Washington Post for including this post in your Blog Watch, April 16, 2009!

When I posted my dining room wall decor posts in the fall of last year, I had a three part series in mind. Part 1 (mirrors) and part 2 (art) were posted in short order. Somehow, though, I never got around to part 3! I think this is because I temporarily solved my own dining room dilemma when I purchased a pretty reproduction Louis Phillipe mirror from Eloquence.

The third category of dining room wall decor that I have seen time and time again is a collection - whether it be a framed series, plates, or a collection of related objects. Hanging a series of framed art or a collection is a great way to fill a wall that is usually large and windowless, as is often found in a dining room. There are some really stunning examples of this look, and I think a series on the wall of a dining room would work beautifully in a dining room that is central to a home and has a big wall that can be seen in its entirety.

I love the wall sculptures in this dining room, by artist Carrie McGee. It is an incredibly dramatic and beautiful focal point to the room.


A room by David Netto - wish I had this for my blue and green post! I love the way that the collection of blue vases look against the green wall, and how the blue is pulled in through the chair cushions, settee, and hurricane lamps. I even like the little burst of orange in the cord cover, although I have never been a fan of cord covers.


Barbara Westbrook designed this dramatic dining room in an Atlanta home. Note the framed sketches on the wall over the sideboard. Via House Beautiful.


The framed sketches are lined up in the wall moldings of this room. It gives the room a clean art gallery kind of a feel. Image via Better Homes and Gardens.



I saw this image on Visual Vamp, and like her, I was struck with the fact that the framed botanicals go so low to the floor. It makes the room, though. Note how the frames are lined up perfectly with the moldings in the wall (I also just noticed how the black frames are repeated in the black frame of the window in the room to the right of the picture).


Gerrie Bremermann used framed panels in this dining room, via Cote de Texas.


This dining room is from an Atlanta real estate listing, so it is not as polished as the other pictures on this post, but I think the arrangement of framed items has a charm to it.


I remember seeing this picture in an Atlanta real estate listing many years ago, and thinking that the arrangement was quite beautiful.


Architectural prints are used in this dining room by Anne Hepfer. I would love to see more of this room! It looks like Anne's website is not working right now.


Another use of a framed series in a dining room, also by Anne Hepfer. These framed items are placed very closely together. I prefer a bit more spacing, but it is hard to see the subject matter of these items. Perhaps it makes sense to have them viewed more cohesively.


I like this little banquette tucked into the niche in this dining room. The small framed series is the perfect touch. Interior design by Rod Mickley.


I have always liked this collection of busts; it certainly makes a dramatic statement! Via Cote de Texas.

Phoebe and Jim Howard used a collection of botanical prints in this dining room (and a small mirror too).


At the far end of the picture is a beautiful dining room by one of my new favorites, Betty Burgess. This is her own house in Atlanta; she framed a series of architectural prints (seen in the dining room) with a lilac matt. The results are really dramatic and memorable. Again, interesting to note that the framed series are centered on the millwork on the wall. Image via Southern Accents.


Another dining room that Betty Burgess designed, in the current issue of Veranda. This is one of the most beautiful and dramatic dining rooms I have ever seen. Note how the background of the framed intaglios are very similar in color (lilac) to the matting that Burgess used in the framed prints in her own home. I particularly like this look in this dining room because it combines both a mirror and framed prints - the best of both worlds.


Gerrie Bremermann uses the mirror with framed items in a dining rooms.


Phoebe Howard has four charming framed sketches on either side of an oval mirror in her city apartment.


I saved this picture because of the interesting mirror (the room is not really my style), but I also like the way the designer has balanced the mirror with three framed botanicals on either side. I almost wish, though, that they were not positioned in the same height as the mirror. Four on either side in a square shape might have looked better.


Another example of a mirror used with framed prints, this time by Anne Coyle.

Dining room wall decor must be a topic of interest to some, because every week people find my blog through a google search on 'dining room wall decor'. It has been interesting to look at the many ways that designers solve the architectural and design challenge of a very big blank wall in a dining room. When I first started this series of posts, I thought that contemporary art was my favorite look on the wall of a dining room. Now, I am leaning towards the mirror with framed items on the side, or even just a dramatic framed series. I think it ultimately depends on the placement of the dining room in a home, and the architectural features of the room.

Which look do you like the best - art, mirrors, framed series, or a combination? Or something different altogether? What do you have in your own dining room?

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  1. Love all the framed groupings!!! Love the framed botanicals :)

  2. oh my...
    i couldn't even begin to say which i liked best.
    this is a divine collection of dining rooms.
    each interesting , some dramatic, and none wanting.

    you have the very best eye !
    xx hope you had a lovely easter.

  3. What a great collection of images and a well thought out post, as always! I think my favorite are the framed intaglios - I love how dramatic that room is, but I do not prefer the chandilier.
    Hope ypu had a great holiday!

  4. So beautiful! I am loving BB's dining room - did you notice she hangs the prints over the molding? And Girl World posted that dining room with the busts and said something like "scary." ha!!!

    this was so wonderful - I love how you pull it all together like you do. each picture was prettier than the next. Oh - and I adore that Barbara Westbrook dining room- it's one of my favorities.

  5. What a wonderful post. So many different collections, mounted in so many different ways on so many different colored walls yet each dining room is unique and well done.

  6. I'm with Ms. Cote. I like the Westbrook for a couple of reasons. The different sized frames seem of challenging to put together and are more dynamic. They make my eye move around. I also like the informality. The room doesn't try too hard.

  7. Thank you for the comments, everyone!

    I think that the Westbrook living room was part of a profile of Belgian style decorating. I would love to see the room in its entirety!

    I was so focused on the walls that I barely noticed the chandeliers. I am going back to look at them.

  8. Fabulous, glamourous collections! Love the botanicals in the image from Visual Vamp.

  9. I love the synergy of the mirror and the frames. Originally, I would have done one or the other, thank you for opening my eyes.

  10. Thank you for the dining rooms...I have been waiting for great framed prints to make a come back. Here in So. Cal., we are still a little backwards in regards to reintroducing traditional art. Thanks!!!!

  11. * Barbara Westbrook's approach is stunning in it's simple-but- dramatic color choices... personally, I love EVERYthing about it, & find it very easy to envision sitting around the table, w/ coffee n' a brandy, after a light n' simple meal! What a SUPER-TERRIFFIC blog to read this a.m.~~~ one of my favs! MANY THANKS! Warmly, Linda in AZ *

  12. I love the first image with the art displayed, beautuful. The walls with botanicals also always move me.I currently have a bath filled with botanicals, and did have a dining wall filled, now replaced with a 48 x 36 original oil painting of my own art.

  13. I love the grid look. I love the collection of different sizes that gives the room energy. Great post thanks for the ideas.

  14. I like the bust dining room because of the lightness and the pretty chandelier. The room in the Veranda image has too many frames for my taste.

    Tricia - Avolli

  15. I love this collection of pics. Especially the Carrie McGee sculptures and the Phoebe and Jim Howard dining room. Lovely!

  16. I love those busts on the wall.
    I agree, very dramatic. That chandelier is beautiful.
    I am drawn to the simplicity of that image

    I also loved Phoebe Howard's sketches flanking the large oval mirror. I seem to be moving towards clean simple interiors lately.
    Beautiful post.


  17. I love dining rooms. They are so elegant and representative of gathering for special occasions. The photographs you've included are stunning. I'd be hard-pressed to choose a favorite, but I'd lean toward one with a collection of botanicals. Thank you for sharing all of these lovely rooms! ~Arleen

  18. Always groupings look the best - they create a sense of rhythm and fill the space in proportion and scale of the walls - this is such a great lesson. And of course the images are stunning!

  19. Wow! This is quite a collection! I'm a fan of all these things - I have a collection of photography on one wall and a big ornate mirror on the other.

  20. This is such a great collection of dining rooms. You are right about the busts making a big impact! Fantastic post! Thank you for your comment today. Congratulations to you as well. I am super excited because it is my first time to be mentioned. :)

  21. Nice post! And Congrats on the "Post". I love your collection of photos.

  22. I love seeing artwork used in unexpected or unusual ways. You've shown lots of creative ways to hang artwork in this post - thanks for the inspiration :-)

    I hung photos in our hallway from floor to ceiling, like in one of the pics that you posted. I'd seen it done on a home decorating show and loved the look. It really creates a strong focal point in a room -- or in my case, in the hallway. If you'd like to take a look, there are some pictures in this post:


    Congrats on the Washington Post mention!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  23. What a beautiful collection of dining rooms! Each space is so elegant and makes its own design statement. I particularly like the room with the green and white striped chairs -- a touch of contemporary fun in a traditional setting!

  24. LOVELY collection of dining rooms!

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  26. What a great round up of examples you have shown here. The one that stands out for me is the 'busts'. I find it to be quite different and I like the 3D effect. Congratulations on Washington Post. You deserve it.
    Great post....thanks,

  27. What lovely rooms....I seem to be drawn to the rooms with the darker paint. It's hard to say which is my favorite.
    I really like looking at how all the different art is arranged and it was you that let me see something new in the framed Intaglios. I saw some at the Mart in one of the show rooms. I am going to investigate further as I would like to add them to my decor.

    Have a great weekend....should be good until Sunday!

  28. What an amazing round up of images... I'm staring at my some-what blank dining and living room walls ( recently painted ) and thinking some kind of wall grouping is what my house needs. Thanks for the inspirations.

  29. Is that my house you captured in this particular blog post? Oh - hang on a sec - it was the house of my DREAMS!! Stunning collection.

  30. so many amazing ideas!!! LOVE the busts!! And of course, the botanicals...

    I've never had a dining room & am not sure how we'll be doing ours when we move... You've really got me thinking a bit more outside the box though... I really love the idea of the busts and I have a lot of similar items I could display... Have to think on this one!! thanks!

  31. I've always been a fan of grouped pictures with the same mattes and frames. Although, whenever I make the attempt it never seems quite right.

  32. Congratulations on the Washington Post blog watch!!! Wow I totally missed this post with all the drama happening in my life in the last few weeks!

    The dining room by Betty Burgess, I like because the matting is a different colour. I am working on a loft right now with large and tall wall spaces so it's a dilemma. That is one thought I've had though, it was great to see an image like that.

    I love your blog because it's a fountain of of well researched post just like this one, you totally deserve all the mentions you get!!

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  34. The dining room with the wooden floors is just STUNNING..had to save that pic on my harddrive!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

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