Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Something that never fails to inspire me is the random pattern that Farrow & Ball calls 'Vermicelli'. It is based on an 18th century textile, and the name translates literally to 'little worm'. Here in Atlanta, we are fortunate that one of the Benjamin Moore dealers now carries Farrow & Ball's full line of paint and wallpapers. I have a few samples of F&B Vermicelli, but this week I was able to look at the entire wallpaper book and I was amazed at the number of colorways of this beautiful pattern - 61 in total. Here are a few of my favorites (seeing them framed up like this gives me an idea...a series of framed vermicelli samples would look great!).

A few weeks ago, I saw a pillow in a store with fabric that looked identical to F&B's vermicelli. Does anyone know who makes this? I would love a pillow or two in this fabric. I think the pattern is truly transitional - somewhere between contemporary and traditional.

This picture above caught my eye when I was cleaning out my files. The windows have a lovely Jim Thompson silk ("Escape") in a very vermicelli like pattern, and the artwork on the walls (from Ty Stokes Gallery) repeats the random pattern beautifully. The room is by Suzanne Kasler, in a lake house she designed. The house had a decidely retro feel to it.

Atlanta's Carolyn Carr also paints with the soft, chaotic lines that I gravitate to (above).

One of my all time favorites, Rana Rochat (above), also has those random curving shapes.

I discovered Elliott Puckette through the blog world (I actually posted one of her works on my blog, and a reader identified it), and her style has the graceful, sinous lines that I love.

Finally, although I have already discussed my love for Barbara Barry and her lovely calligraphy themed art in many a post, there is certainly a reason for my fascination with this style.


  1. The F&B and Elliott Puckette designs are really engrossing. Your idea of framing the samples is a good one. I could get lost in the whorls for a while.

  2. What a wonderful thread running through these images. That fabric sounds so familiar - is it Barbara Barry I wonder.

  3. Mrs B - I meant to go to the Kravet website before I posted, as I know that BB has some fabric that has a similar feel. But, the fabric I saw was identical to F&B vermicelli. I even looked to see if F&B made fabrics, but alas, they do not seem to.

    E&E - thank you for stopping by!

  4. I love vermicelli too! I just ordered more samples. Thankfully (or perhaps a little too conveniently) there is a Farrow & Ball store 15 minutes walk from my place. Right beside my local. So I tend to oogle when I come out of the pub merry!

  5. I love vermicelli, for me it looks glamour and 50's

  6. I'm a long-time fan of Pukette's work :)

  7. I think the fabric you are thinking of is made by Jane Churchill. I don't remember the name, but I've used it on my diningchairs and it looks great!

  8. I know this was an old post, but I still thought I'd comment. Sanderson do a vermicelli fabric. It doesn't have the lovely loops that the F&B wallpaper has, but is more "snaky". Still quite nice. It's in the Tamara range and the reference is DTAMVE and then the colour number, such as 309, 307, 302 etcetera. It's 40% cotton, 40 linen and 18 viscose. Great for throw pillows.

    Kind regards,

    Sophia Mose
    Pays d'Oc Design


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