Friday, February 29, 2008

Search for a chair

One of my readers e-mailed me about a picture in my recent post, and asked if I had a source for the citrus colored chairs with pink trim that appeared in the photo of the Kasler designed room. Unfortunately, I do not have the original magazine anymore, because I have been going through my stack of magazines, cutting out the things I like, and filing the pages...then throwing out the original magazine with the source section!!!! Since the chair was not why I kept this picture (I love the art and the fabric of the window treatments), I did not note where the chair came from. So, I am going to make a guess of who makes these chairs and invite my readers to comment with their own guess.

I know that Kasler shops at Bradley Hughes, which is a custom furniture store located on Atlanta's Miami Circle. Bradley Hughes is known for their iron and concrete designs, and they also have a unique and fabulous line of upholstery. There are two interesting chairs in his line that reflect the feel of what my reader is looking for:

Neither of these is 'the' chair, but they both have elements of the chair Kasler used.

Sarah Richardson Designs has two beautiful chairs that might fit the bill:

Baker's Milling Road collection has a club chair with a similar look and feel, but this is not the same as the chair in the Kasler room.

The Baker Regency chair has a similar look and feel, but the proportions are different.

Councill makes some great upholstered pieces, including this one:

Stanford Furniture makes a couple of chairs that have similar elements to the one Kasler used. Stanford is sold at a store that is in the same complex as Kasler's studio, and they make some of the most comfortable upholstery I have ever sat on. I have two Stanford club chairs, and they are by far the most comfortable chairs I own.

Henredon's offering:

Kasler was recently featured in an article about chaise lounges, and many of her picks were at Jerry Pair. Jerry Pair carries Madeline Stewart furnishings, including the Hudson chair pictured below. It is not the same chair, but has the unique curved back of the citrus colored chair.

The Linden Court Lounge from the Cameron Collection, through Jerry Pair, has some of the characteristics of the chair we are looking for, but clearly has a different scale and a more curvaceous design.

This one by Lee Industries looks similar. The arm part is different, but the look and feel are there.

Although none of these are the exact chair that Kasler used (and she could have had it custom designed), many of them have similar design elements. Do any of you recognize the chair in the original Kasler living room? Is there one that you like over the others?


  1. You have such a great eye for detail. I love this post and your earlier one on Vermicelli. Thanks so much for your continuously great posts and information.

  2. I love that second white chair the best - it is so gorgeous - i think it's the third chair from the top. just gorgeous - great post! someone owes you some money, girl!

  3. Again, not the chair in question, but Mitchell Gold & bob William's Angie chair has similar features (with a more feminine foot) http://www.mgandbw.com/Angie_chr_uph.asp

    The Sloane is another contender.

  4. CTD - we both have the same favorite chair! I love that one, from Bradley Hughes.

    Jane, I completely forgot to check out Mitchell Gold's selection! I will look at the ones you recommended.

    Jennifer, thanks for visiting and thanks for the sweet words!

  5. I was interested to see Sarah Richardson has a line out. I catch her once and awhile on FL. I get confused between her short hair and long hair show! Beautiful chairs all around!

  6. Ooo, all beautiful chairs! You have great posts, I always learn something here!

    Happy day!


  7. I love your selection of chairs! As a matter of fact I have the Baker Regency chairs in ly living room. I do love Kasler's designs!

  8. The proportions of this chair is right on. I like that it looks comfortable, without being clubby. It is not too masculine, not too fussy. Nice collection from which to shop.

  9. These are all wonderful alternatives.

    A similar chair that I'm considering right now is Baker's Dapha chair.

  10. Hey gorgeous woman - ! Congratulations on your mention in the Washington post!!!

    This post is definately Post worthy :-)



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