Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another perspective

A few weeks ago, I did a post on a home that came on the market recently, whose interiors have been much admired by the bloggers.

Interiors by Suzanne Kasler

The unstyled photo from the real estate listing

This week, a fresh round of pictures appeared on the listing. I subscribe to a listing e-mail that only shows changes made to listings, and the Kasler designed home has a lot of new photos. I think this photo of the dining room is much more attractive than the old one on the listing. It is as if the realtor were trying to emulate Kasler's picture on his previous effort, and created his own perspective in this new photo. Those carved back chairs look lovely in front of the window.

Here are some other new shots that appeared in the listing.

Master bedroom, real estate listing. The loveseat and the end of the bed surprised me. This does not look like something Kasler would do, as it is out of scale and the print is quite bold!

Master Bedroom sitting area, Kasler's site

Master bedroom, Kasler's site

I was right. Here is the master bedroom from the Kasler listing. The trestle table, although maybe not as practical, looks so much better at the end of the bed. Notice the different chairs in the sitting area, and different pillows on the bed and sofa.

Kitchen/family room. Although the interior design for much of the house was done by Kasler, this room is not on her website so I can't say whether it was designed by her. However, if you have Kasler doing the bedrooms, I think it is safe to guess that she also had a hand in the family room!

I don't quite get the two pictures above, from the real estate listing. Are they two different rooms, or two perspectives of the same room? The wood panelling is the same, as are the window treatments. But, I don't see any of the same furniture repeated.

The media room. How glamourous to have two chandeliers in here (or is it one with a reflection)?

I have been short on time lately, playing a lot of catch up after being sick for the past three weeks (much better now!), so I will be back to my usual design and architectural posts next week.


  1. LOVe the master bedroom and sitting area! Great selection! I especially like the roman shade with the black stripe, the shiny silver outline of the headboard, and the black sofa in the master sitting area :)

  2. I think a giant sectional is a fun treatment for a media room. I wonder what is up with that paneled room. The windows look a little different, so maybe it is two ends of the same room? Perhaps we should pose as interested buyers and get to the bottom of things...

  3. What a house!

    Interesting that someone would hire such a fab designer and then add their own less attractive furnishings afterward.

  4. Just goes to show you that the decorator is usually right. there's no comparison between the bedroom - just awful with the homeowner's furniture. the library - I assume Kasler gave them pictures then they took their own pictures and didn't realize it was the same room. kasler's room is so much better == the rug! Love the new dining room shot.

  5. I absolutely love the job you've done on these two posts. I'm fascinated by how different the two versions look. A few of the rooms I would not think appropriate for publication but you put a professional in charge of staging and photography and viola - you have a masterpiece!

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Great job on this post! It`s so interesting seeing the differences in the rooms.

  7. Goregous! I agree the decorator got it right, but what can you do? Love the different shots - the house has a-to-die-for entryway. I'm jealous!

  8. that's so interesting! this has always been one of my favorite houses by kasler, and seeing it now as the owners have it, i'd still move in in a second (and get rid of that hideous loveseat at the end of the bed!)

  9. It is so interesting to see how things are styled. I have a friend whose home was in a magazine, and they brought in a bunch of new accessories and furniture items for her living room and bedroom. I called her up and asked how she liked her Niermann Weeks side table, and she had no idea what I was talking about...the stylist had brought it in. They even rearranged the furniture in the living room two different ways, and showed both picures in the magazine.

    I always assumed that the picture of the loveseat in front of the window was from a sunroom or a family room, so I was surprised to find out it was from the master. It is a beautiful set up, which makes it all the more baffling that the owners added another (ugly) loveseat at the end of the bed, even though they did not need extra seating. Or, maybe they do!!! Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. (Just kidding)

  10. Interesting Post. How much is the house listed for!! Millions?

  11. This post is so interesting. I am fascinated by your ability explore this notion of staging. I'm such a great admirer of your blog and your outlook. That's why I gave you a "you make my day" award.
    Check out my blog to see more!

  12. Agree - like the trestle table at the end of the bed. That media room is wonderful! My kids would never come out of there... Oh and I do love that master bed also.

  13. Great house, it looks so nice and spacious - it's interesting that the dining room blue colour looks different in each photo. Not sure which one is closest to reality but I like the paler bottom version best.

  14. This is a stunning house! That dining room knocks my socks off from all angles. And love that floor in the front hall!

  15. LOVE the master from Kasler's site. I truly find it amazing that some individuals think in such a way that allows them to come up with this. I'm envious! Beautiful!

  16. Lookls like a sad story of what happens after the decorater leaves and the homeowner decides they don't like furniture arrangements, etc. and take matters into their own hands. Lana

  17. I love the blue, especially the most vivid version in the first photograph, but I have to positively *shudder* at the media room... rather the opposite of tasteful, don't you think? The dining room is definitely my favourite - it has the least "showhouse" look about it.

  18. I love those blue rooms! You have a fabulous blog!


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