Monday, September 24, 2007

Inspirational Artist - Dusty Griffith

Artwork by Dusty Griffith, interior by Suzanne Kasler, 2004 Southern Accents Showhouse

Atlanta artist Dusty Griffith creates art that has a profound appeal to me. He creates beautiful and original works of art, but his paintings also have echoes of some of my favorite artists - Cy Twombly (some of Griffith's pieces have small, subtle graffiti like markings) and Mark Rothko. The soothing colors and layers of pigment, wax, and found objects, create a luminous and interesting surface, but there is something about these paintings that causes the viewer to think about what lies beneath the surface, not just of the art work but of life in general. Perhaps the spiritual titles elicit this response in me personally, but many observers would not necessarily interpret these works as spiritual works. Beauty and interpretation are truly in the eyes and psyche of the beholder when it comes to Griffith's art.

To me, the best and most enduring art is that which looks a little different every time you look at the painting. This is certainly the case with Griffith's work. Of Griffith's work, one reviewer wrote that
" the intrinsic structure of [Griffith's] work is meant to seize the viewer’s attention and make transformation possible". What a wonderful achievement for an artist!

Dusty Griffith is a favorite of many top notch Atlanta designers, including Suzanne Kasler. His work was featured prominently in the Southern Accents Watersound Showhouse in Florida, shown in the top image (I think his art made the room). He is exclusively sold through the Lowe Gallery in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Dusty Griffith - The Coming, available through the Lowe Gallery
Dusty Griffith - Genesis 8:8, through the Lowe Gallery
Dusty Griffith, I Will Pour Out My Spirit II, through the Lowe Gallery
Dusty Griffith, Sea of Grace, through the Lowe Gallery
Dusty Griffith, At Peace with Nancy II, thought the Lowe Gallery
Dusty Griffith, Green Pastures, through the Lowe Gallery

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  1. They look amazing, and the colours are certainly beautiful. Thanks for drawing our attention to such a talented artist.

  2. I really like these. They seem so simple at first glance, but there really is a lot of detail involved. Thanks for introducing me to this artist.

  3. I wonder if this is the artist of the house that Suzanne K. did that made a Veranda cover? maybe S. Accents - you know the one?

  4. This artist is truly an inspiration. I can actually see the title in each one. I just love his work. I would one day love to own one. Just beautiful!!


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