Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Last month, Mrs. Blandings did a nice post on 'First Impressions' - her favorite entries. Given that my entryway has been in a sad unfinished state for so long, I was very interested to see her post, and realized that at least 25% of the pictures in my computer 'design file' were devoted to entries.

I quickly created a folder just for my entry pictures. After posting my favorites on this post, I realize that my favorite look is a beautiful antique bench (perhaps Swedish) with an amazing piece of contempory art (vertically oriented), flanked with sconces. Hmmmm......maybe I should rethink my front hall! I love my mirror, but I could always find a new place for it....

Suzanne Kasler design - entryway

From Traditional Home. I thought this was an interesting front hall arrangement...a bench, a mirror, and two lamps (or are they candles?).

On the left...from Charleston Home Magazine, the entryway of designer Jenny Miller's home.

My absolute favorite. To me, this is perfection - the beautiful love seat, pillows, sconces, and a fabulous piece of contemporary art to balance everything out. I imagine that this seat is antique, but if anyone knows of a company that makes a good reproduction in this scale, please let me know! (Edit: this is from a Connecticut magazine called At Home)

Phillip Sides

Jan Showers. This is so beautiful - a silvery chest with a sunburst mirror on top.

I believe this was designed by Joni at Cote de Texas....it was from her blog

Liz Williams

Do you see a trend here???

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  1. Good Morning,
    As the english would say this is "spot on". Simply beautiful options! So glad that you are re-thinking your foyer!

  2. Heddy - thank you for reading and for commenting! I enjoyed your comments in my last post so much.

  3. I love the Jan Showers image, but I also think you could do a bench with art or mirror above, flanked by floor lamps or sconces. It all looks good!

  4. I think the last one is beautiful--the shades blue and green are so nice together.

  5. Great painting in the House Beautiful entry way. I seriously need to get a subscription to HB as I am missing all of these fabulous rooms! Do you happen to know who the artisit is?

  6. BA - HB is one of my favorites. It is traditional with a twist (which was the theme of this month's issue). I am hoping the Joni stops by today, because I feel pretty certain that the HB image on this post is from her blog. The art is amazing, and I would also like to know the name of the artist!

  7. OK...I just looked through Joni's blog, and did not see 'my favorite entry' in her blog. The typeface on the page looks like HB to me. I am going to see if I can find it.

  8. Hello! I think a bench would be wonderful! Glad you are still thinking it through!


  9. Sarah, I love the one you described as your favorite! Have you tried Oly Studio?

  10. These first impressions are wonderful . In french we say the first impression is the right one !!

  11. Style - Oly has some great sofas in this style, but they are longer...not the two seat style like this one. I am hoping Joni will see this post and give us an idea....one of her favorite companies, Blanc D'Ivoire, may be a possibility but they do not have an online catalog

  12. Love all the options. I always try to place seating in my clients entries if possible. I think it makes for a very inviting hello - come and sit awhile - feeling. I think all of these entryways you've chosen have that vibe. Very Nice.

  13. Jackie - What a nice way to think of it - come and sit awhile! Thanks for stopping by today.

  14. I just loved this post Sarah! And, I'm with you on the bench as well. I think sometimes people neglect entry ways. Great images, and I'll try and think about where to find a similar bench.


  15. I like the Southern Accents foyer, with the abstract art. I love them all. But that one stands out for me. I like the idea of an abstract piece in an otherwise traditional setting.

    My foyer has a rolled arm, backless upholstered bench, a large print above it and a floor lamp..that's it. The bench is practical and seems to fit the scheme of things in the foyer.

    I'm enjoying seeing how you're thinking through this change and look forward to seeing the end result!


  16. I love the Traditional Home entry - but all of these are lovely. At least you know you can find yourself a great piece of art! The balance of all of these rooms is key. Hit the shops - older pieces might be more successful - the scale was not as large then. I'll put my thinking cap on.

  17. Sarah..I so totally agree with you
    My favorite too!
    Thanks for the great blog!
    I just found you

  18. Wowza, so beautiful. Esp love the Kasler and southern accents ones. I saved both for inspiration!

  19. Love this post. I'm thinking about my entry and am totally clueless...this inspired me!

  20. ok, I'm a little late!!! Sorry. I'm glad you solved the mystery. AND that IS my design of the long entry hall with the daybed. That's from Tara Shaw in NOLA and now, Houston. the urn is just an urn from Garden Gate. Thanks from posting it!

  21. I have entries ways on the brain too, except since I'm in NYC, mine is about 3 feet by 3 feet! Great post and thanks for the nice comment on my blog!


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