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Exclusive sneak peek at Suzanne Kasler’s new line for Ballard Designs

During the summer of 2009, designer Suzanne Kasler told me that she was hard at work on a new line of accessories for Ballard Designs. I have always admired how the accessories that Suzanne incorporates into her designs really give a room a layered and nuanced feel, so I was excited to see the results of her new venture with Ballard Designs.

Flash forward to this summer – the first part of the collection is just about to be launched. I recently had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the ‘look book’ for the Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs line (available online July 31), and I was really impressed with the quality and beauty of the designs. Suzanne’s line for Ballard Designs contain items that can’t be found anywhere else, and more importantly the line contains items that are inspired by some of Suzanne’s favorite accessories that she has used in her designs through the years.


Case in point: a vignette from a room that Suzanne styled for the summer market at AmericasMart in July of ‘09. Note the horns and the lovely brackets.


Here is the Gabrielle bracket, part of the new line for Ballard Designs.

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I love these Atelier Horns, also part of the new collection – note the wonderful detail, and they are priced at only $49-$65.


Suzanne is known for her love of interesting mirrors, often arranged in unique groupings. Pictured above is a beautiful room she designed a few years ago, as seen in House Beautiful, that features original antique and vintage mirrors.


Her collection for Ballard Designs contains a great selection of beautifully designed, vintage inspired mirrors priced between $79-$149.



Two of the designs from the mirror collection.


The Eiffel Tower Picture Holder is another item that caught my eye, inspired by Suzanne’s extensive collection of Eiffel Towers.


The Zinc Harvest Basket would be beautifully at ease in any kind of setting.


A casually elegant burlap wrapped vase.

A collection of leather wrapped desk accessories has a great vintage look to it.


I have my eye on the Petite Carriage Lantern, which would be great on the sideboard in my kitchen.


Also intriguing is the 1937 map of Europe.


However, my absolute favorite item in the new collection is inspired by the architectural models in Suzanne’s own collection (seen on the mantel of her family room of her previous home)…


Here are the architectural models from the Suzanne Kasler collection for Ballard Designs. They come in two finishes, and are priced at just $129. I am definitely ordering these as soon as the collection is available online on July 31!

This is just a small preview of the collection, and I look forward to seeing what other designs will be featured in the collection. Do you have a favorite item from what I have shown?


The Ballard Designs showroom in Atlanta celebrated the launch of Suzanne’s new line last week (alas, I was not able to attend), and the showroom is now selling items from the collection that were displayed at the launch. The rest of us will need to wait until the official online launch of Suzanne’s collection for Ballard Designs on July 31!

For the latest news and information on Ballard Designs and their new Suzanne Kasler line, please visit their website: http://www.ballarddesigns.com/

Also, Ballard Designs has an online ‘Style Studio’ full of great articles, solutions to decorating dilemmas, behind the scenes information, peeks into customers’ homes, and so much more. Please visit http://www.ballardstylestudio.com for great inspiration!

Finally, if you want the latest and greatest information on Ballard Designs, become a fan on Facebook! Ballard Designs Facebook page can be found at http://www.facebook.com/ballarddesigns.

Note: no goods or services were exchanged for this post.

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  1. Looks like such a fun store! I love groups of quirky mirrors.

  2. I'm very excited about Suzanne's collection for BD. Her taste is spot-on and I look forward to being able to pick up a few of her great accessories for a reasonable price. Thanks for the sneak peak, Holly!

  3. I am so excited to pick up a few pieces from her collection for Ballard.

  4. I really like the brackets and I really like the shapes, the cone, the cylinder, etc. The thing that really catches my eye is the blue chair in the store.

  5. I love the wood bracket, the burlap vase and the map but my fave is the carriage lantern. Great price point too so her line will do very well. Thanks for the sneak peek.

  6. THANK YOU for spelling 'peek' correctly. So many people write 'sneak peak'. A peak is a pointed summit. A peek is a quick look.

  7. our nice comment.I had just left your blog when I also love the red library that Miles Redd designed. I ran a post on Boxwood last week!
    I love his work.
    I really like what Town and Country has been doing lately. New guy on the block.
    I LOVE your blog.

  8. Another reason I am buying a mac (see message above.)It was suppose to read I had just left your blog when I read your nice comment :).
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  9. the mirrors!! i have to stop myself from putting some form of sunburst mirror in every room of my house... love them, and these are great quality at great prices - thanks for the tip. :)

  10. Wow these are beautiful! Thank you for the sneak peek, it's amazing that such stunning accessories are priced so reasonably!

  11. Wow! Great new accessories. I was so excited to hear she was working with Ballard Designs - a perfect partnership!! I love the mirrors and the models.

  12. I got the preview from Ballard last week as well and was excited with what I saw......I was just sad to see the bone sunburst mirror of hers that I covet wasn't included in this line....so now I am eagerly watching her other lines for it to surface. If you hear of news I'd love the heads up.

  13. I read that this is just the first group of items for Ballard Designs. Maybe it will be in the next group? I will ask Suzanne when I next see her.

  14. Love the lantern and have to have that zinc basket for my screened porch fireplace - love it!

  15. I love Suzanne's designs. What a great post, happy to have found your blog and am your latest follower.

  16. Love the zinc basket! Can't wait to see more.

  17. I am in love with those wooden shape models.

  18. Beautiful! I am a huge fan of decorating with antlers!

  19. Very Nice! Love the burlap wrapped vase, desk accessories and the map, all gives off a very warm glow about them.

  20. Pick a favorite??? Not possible...but I do love the brackets and antlers!

  21. Fabulous items for Ballards. Suzanne has such a great eye and these pieces are so reasonable!

    Art by Karena

  22. A great looking collection - no surprise. What fun to have a store in town.

  23. Suzanne is so talented, and lucky you for getting to unveil something so special!

  24. I like the architectural models, but I also like the antlers, they would look great in my library

  25. I can't wait to see all the new treasures featured from Ballards. Thank you for letting us know and the sneak peek!

  26. Ballard is my go to place for mirrors these will be no exception. Just lovely...but what else could you expect from her?

  27. is there one orginal thing in the whole store. i think not!!!!

  28. whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm in love! those mirrors!!!! i never realized they had a showroom!!!!

  29. I've been waiting less than patiently for Suzanne's items to be available in the Ballard Catalogue! Love those brackets.
    I coveted the unglazed pottery that she used in that room as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Suzanne will design a line of those for Ballard as well!.


  30. Thanks for the sneak peak! Love her collection... and prices!

    Still looking at faucet fixtures for kitchen. Now liking a single lever by Rohl.


  31. Great items, each and all...but for me its all about that Harvest Basket, I think its fantastic! Have I mentioned how incredibly jealous I am that she is designing your home? Cause I am!!!!

  32. Just discovered your blog. Really nice.

  33. Suzanne knocked it out of the park with bringing her design to Ballard and keeping true to her look. Love it all!

  34. can't wait to see the entire line--and do some serious shopping! Thanks for letting us know

  35. I am so excited to see this also~!


  36. I am carving out time on July 31st to get me some of those mirrors - incredible! And, I'll take the map, that Eiffel tower and the lanterns!

  37. YAY!!! I can't wait for these items to be released!! Thanks for the preview. I know I will be snagging one of those mirrors!!

  38. I really like those antlers! The architectural objects are nice too, though!

  39. I just love Ballard. I can't wait for the new catalog to come out, to see the rest of this collection. I always get great inspiration from their catalog. Thanks so much for the sneak peek. I love those wall brackets & antlers.

    Take Care, Carrie

  40. Oh, how exciting Holly - thanks for the hot tip. I don't know if they ship to Canada but I see several things to love!! Thanks for dropping by the blog - I bet you are VERY busy these days. I read that you guys broke ground, so you must be busy and thrilled and scared all at once. Cannot wait to see your home. Take care, xo Terri

  41. Amazing! This line will not be good for my budget but will be oh so good in my home!

  42. Fantastic collection!!! Thanks for the detailed first peek at her collection! LOVE the mirrors -- I predict those will be a sell-out! LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  43. I love Suzanne Kasler! I was able to sit in on her talk at the Atlanta market last week, and she was FAB! Love her style! Her new book looks like it will be a winner. Thanks for sharing!


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