Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New on the market: a Southern Accents cover house?

Even though I am not in the market anymore for a house, I still love to peruse the Atlanta real estate listings. There are so many beautiful houses in Atlanta, and every so often a house comes on the market that I have admired from afar, or has interiors that I recognize from some of my favorite magazines.


When I first saw this picture on the real estate listings, it looked quite familiar.


It reminded me of this picture that was a cover of Southern Accents a few years ago. Alas, this issue was the victim of my aggressive magazine reduction effort a few years ago, when I went through my old Southern Accents and tore out the articles I wanted to keep, but did not keep the entire magazine. This is not the first time I have regretted doing this!

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Let’s look at them side by side. There are a lot of similarities, but enough differences to make me wonder if they are the same room. It could be the camera angle or exposure, but the wall color looks different. The built in around the plates looks to be the same – with five shelves on either side, plus two shelves on top. Both spaces have brick floors, and the brown and cream check fabric. The wood chair on the left has a cushion in the SA picture, and a slipcover in the real estate picture. The coffee tables are different. But, these are all changes that could come after many years of living in a space, and tweaking it along the way.


Also, there is the matter of the plate display. The magazine cover (found on the internet) has fewer brown transferware plates, but that could be due to a growing collection over the years. The issue is September-October 2002 – does anyone have this issue – could they check to see if the house was renovated by architect Norman Askins and designer Jackye Lanham, for these are the talents that are behind the home on the real estate listing. Even if it is not the same as the house featured in Southern Accents, it is definitely worth checking out.


The house is located in Brookhaven, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Atlanta.


The brick entry sets the tone for the house, and reminds me of houses in Louisiana that I have seen. I love the chevron pattern in the front door. and the gallery like approach to the walls in the space.


An elegant living room speaks to years of collecting. The neutral natural fiber rug is a great balance to the formality of the furnishings, fabrics, and accessories.


This room might be upstairs, based on the sleigh bed and the ceiling line. The room seems to have a dual function as a cozy study and an extra bedroom. I am struck by the beautiful arrangement of etchings and sketches that hang on the wall; most of the rooms in the house have interesting objects on the wall.


The formal dining room is no exception, with its interesting collection of portraits and mirrors on the walls.


And the breakfast room has one of the most interesting wall displays of all – a collection of cake and muffin tins.


The kitchen is a warmly decorated, with furniture in the kitchen – a look I love. I wonder what the large green bottle is all about? There must be a story there!


I am not sure where this is located in the house, but the floor gives the indication that it must be near the entry. Again, with the signature of the house decor - interesting objects hung on the wall.


More brown transferware, and some charming silhouettes on the wall.


The bedrooms in the house are all very special. Imagine sleeping in this charming canopy bed.


A spectacular master bedroom in a case study about how to do neutrals well. Note the beautiful trim detail on the canopy bed.


Two twin beds, placed close together, is actually a novel way to have the function of twin beds, with the feel of a larger bed. Note the cleverly arranged prints framed above the bed – they pull the area together and make the beds feel even more linked.


A casually elegant porch completes this lovely home, with its formal and casual elements working beautifully together.


The house tour ends with a charming sculpted garden; the garden bench provides a great focal point in the distance. Note how lush, green, and private this yard is.

For more information, please see the listing by Wes Vawter of Atlanta Fine Homes, Sotheby’s International Realty. And, if you happen to have a copy of the September-October 2002 Southern Accents, please let me know if this is the same house!


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  1. It must be the same house. I remember seeing that room in the Southern Accents. I, too, have thrown out all the original magazines from years ago in an effort to minimize clutter. Ugh. Crazy idea. I'm a big fan of the twin beds positioned close together.

  2. Oh I LOVED this post....thanks for sharing !!

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  3. If this was Southern Accents 2002, it must have been decorated almost 10 years ago...it's a classic. Wouldn't expect anything less of Jackye!

  4. I love the canopy bed especially the drapes and the Valance I wish to work on a project like this:)

  5. I totally remember that cover --- and darn if I saved that issue. I'm hanging on to every issue I have at this point! The rooms do look the same - though tweaked. And, I love the entire house - all the collections. But, I stopped in my virtual tracks when I saw the backyard. I have backyards on my mind and this is exactly the type of feel I want!

  6. I love the backyard too - beautiful and low maintenance, although this seems like the backyard of a couple who does not have kids (and the house seems like an empty nester house too - but maybe it is just the decor, the bones of the house are great for a family).

  7. What a beautiful home, Holly. I particularly love the entryway -- it's so charming and dramatic, but also homey.

  8. Holly, I think the paint color is the same.... it's just the difference of taking the photo with a digital camera into the windows vs taking it w film and the light being behind and to the side of you. great puzzle to figure out! I loved looking at the differences :)

  9. lots of plates and things hung in collections on the walls... I love the chevron pattern front doors

  10. Holly - I distinctly remember that cover and am almost positive it is a room in the Highlands, NC showhome that Southern Accents featured that month. Almost positive. I loved that photo.

  11. Holly, that is Stephanie Reeves' house of Edgar-Reeves. There was a gorgeous picture of her in a ballgown in the spread.

    Heather Dewberry

  12. I love every little corner of this home!

  13. Love the garden shots. The rest of the house looks like it wishes some of those collections would be taken away & stored. There is just SO much stuff everywhere, and I thought I was a "clutter-bug" as someone called me once.

  14. Lamps and mirror on the porch rock. I like that brick floor and gravel oasis. But I've got plate overload.

  15. Very beautiful home!! I particulary love the brick in the entry, and the porch and gardens are stunning! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for your great comments, I really appreciate it.

  16. What a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing it. I agree a little over done with plates etc. Image it with a few less items in it. And what a gorgeous garden!

  17. Holly, OMG your picture is on your blog, you are a public personality now--yaay! You are so beautiful and I'm loving your store too. And this house is beautiful!!

  18. Absolutely loved the pic with the bench in the hallwa..reminds me of the British Raj furniture that is so much in fashion in India these days.
    Lovely blog:)

  19. I'm amazed at the amount of beautiful homes you find for this blog. Makes me want to move every time I visit!

  20. I think I need my smelling salts! This house is amazing! I think I could move right in and be quite contented. The brick floors, the lanterns, even the cornbread tins on the wall, oh my! The house is a perfect mix of formal and informal. I'm in love.

    Hope you are doing well!

  21. Hi Holly,

    I have the magazine in hand and you are correct, this house is in Atlanta with interiors by Jackye Lanham and architecture by Norman Askins. My issue is complete except for the page I saved (somewhere!) that is similar to the cover. If you'd like to have my copy, I'll be more than happy to send it to you - I have learned so much from your blog - it would be a joy!
    Incidentally, as Trish mentioned above, this issue does showcase the Highland's Cove showhome.
    Thanks Holly - your blog is one of the best and one of my favorites.

    Dene Moore

  22. I knew my readers would come to the rescue...the wonderful thing about having a blog that reaches out to so many people is that I feel like I have eyes and ears around the world!

    Dene, thanks for solving the mystery. Thanks for the offer to send a copy, but the knowledge that this is indeed the same house, in combination with the real estate pictures, is all I need!

    GSG, I think this is what appeals to me about the house - the balance of the casual and the formal. I also think this house has great bones and a new owner can make it whatever they want.

    I love that charming little garden! I feel happy every time I see it.

  23. This is the house from the Southern Accents magazine and it was decorated by Jackye Lanham and the architect was Norman Askins. It was the home of Bill and Stephanie Edgar Reeves who own Edgar Reeves Lamps in Atlanta.

  24. I love love love this post, everything in this house looks spectacular. I like the warm colored kitchen very much, it's just fabulous!

  25. Great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. I am planning a courtyard garden, so that was great inspiration! Nice posts....I have loved your blog for a long time, and finally started one myself.If you have any advice for me, I would love to hear it!!!


  27. Just a gorgeous, elegant and charming house! So many wonderful items that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere! Love every inch!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  28. This was a fun post. It reminded me of when I was little and looked forward to the Sunday Paper "funnies". There was always a cartoon section that had two pictures that were almost identical, but you circle the things that were different.
    I used to do this with my father many, many years ago. Thanks for the opportunity to go down memory lane!

    I always enjoy your blog so much.

    Kristen W.
    Atlanta, GA

  29. I love the muffin tins on the wall. Such a fun element!

  30. Surely it is the same house! I love it either way!

  31. Amazing home, has got to be the same, or at the very least, they were so inspired by the magazine home they copied it?...NO, its the same! And that garden is magical!

  32. I'm thinking it must be the same house - the original is incredibly unique and this one appears almost identical. I'm dying over those brick floors, just divine! Imagining cool brick under my feet on these sweltering days sounds amazing. Even though I'm partial to artwork, I love all the groupings and pairings they did on the walls with plates, prints, etc.. Such a great way to add visual interest to a space.

  33. Love everything about this home especially the serene garden!

  34. Wow! What a memory you have to recall that home well enough to recognize it from the photos! Impressive! And even more impressive is the fact that you could actually LOCATE the photo to compare it! Bravo! I adore the first room you pictured. The flooring is fabulous, and absolutely after my own heart. Great blog post! Thanks for sharing.

  35. This house is in Brookhaven. I recognized the garden and all the transferware clearly visible from the seating area outside.
    Thanks for the look inside at the rest of the house.

  36. unreal! i loved that picture forever. it was j.langham irrc. the house is gorgeous!


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