Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things That Inspire Email Subscribers

I have an email subscription feature on my blog, and I just learned that google has purchased the company that manages the email and reader feed.  I am being required to transfer over to google's service, and supposedly the email subscriptions will transfer over too.  Just in case there is a glitch I wanted my subscribers to be aware because I love my email subscribers!

Stay tuned.  Since art is on my mind this week, I am inserting a gratuitous picture of one of my favorite artists for no other reason than it makes me smile. Painting by Brice Marden, interiors by Michael Smith.


  1. Love to see a bright punch of art like that in a calm room.

  2. Feedburner has been prompting me to do that for awhile and I am hesitant. Please let me know how it works. Good luck.

  3. Oh I love Brice Marsden's art. In fact I have been inspired to do a series of works in that same vein!

  4. I transferred over a few weeks ago and analytics stopped counting the hits so I had to re-insert the HTML, and then it was fine. But for 3 days I had 0 readers, I was very cranky until I figured it out! Otherwise it's just fine! Great image you posted :)

  5. Lovelovelove the yellow. It the one colour that always makes me happy!

  6. I haven't subscribed to a blog's e-mail list before, but it seems like a wonderful way to stay in touch.
    Now that the Google switch has been made, it seems like the perfect time to join your e-mail.
    I look forward to receiving them!


  7. I'm an avid reader of your blog and you've been TAGGED!!!

    Please write 6 interesting things about yourself, tag 6 more people, and then let them know they have been tagged.

    Let's keep this circle going.

    Get to writing!

  8. I made the move, and my subscriptions seem to still be working!

  9. I have to check and see if Marden has art in any of the area galleries or museums


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