Friday, March 21, 2008

My Obsessions

I am in the need of a little design therapy! I feel much better when I make lists, so I am going to make a little list of my current furniture obsessions.

Lucien side table, by Niermann Weeks. I love this table, either in the dark mahogany finish with bronze accents, or in the pickled mahogany (pictured above, with a honed marble top). Interior design by Caldwell-Beebe. I love that Dessin Fournir mirror too, but it is not on my obsession list. This mirror is:

The Araby Mirror by Ironies. I love everything about this mirror. I have no spot for it now, but maybe some day I will move and make a place just for this little gem.

Niermann Weeks Montaigne Floor Lamp. I love the lines of this one...it is like jewelry, or like a sculpture. This would look perfect in my living room. Or, perhaps a pair instead of table lamps.

Amy Howard Serpentine Chest, in Tiffany Blue. I recently saw this in person and loved it. Good thing, as you never know whether you will like something until you see it in person! This would be great in my bedroom as a bedside table or a chest of drawers.

This is one of my favorite rugs, by Stark. I am not sure where this would go, but I need to find a place for it!

I am not normally much of an upholstery person, but this chair by Stanford Furniture is one of my favorites. I love the lines of the chair, but I am particularly enchanted with the trim along the bottom of the chair, and the piping that picks up the same hue. These would look great in my living room, or perhaps in my family room if I decide to re-do things.

Saturne Coffee Table, available through Niermann Weeks showrooms. I saw this table in a Celerie Kemble spread, and it was love at first sight. I have no need for a coffee table right now, but I still admire this one from afar.

The Swedish Chandelier, Niermann Weeks. If I re-do my dining room, this chandelier is at the top of my list!

These pieces, mixed in with a few antiques (I have my eye on some antiques, too), would fit into my ideal decor scheme. That's the great thing about furniture obsessions: unlike clothes, shoes, or bags, it is usually not possible to splurge on too many things at once. And, part of the fun for me is making the list and seeing how it evolves over time.


  1. I love so many of your choices! That lamp is one of my favorite contemporary oens too. And you know I love that Amy Howard chest - how many time have we talked about it? haha

    The swedish chandelier - I like David Iatesta's one better, but he probably designed the NW ones too when he worked there!

    And I love that rug! The chair is so cute, I love the trim too. - my favorite upholstered chair is that highback one from Rose Tarlow.

    Great great post! I want to do this too - like a wish list.


  2. CDT, when I was in DC I saw the table lamp version of the NW floor lamp...the first of its kind, a prototype. It was beautiful! I will e-mail a pic I took with my phone, if you want.

    I checked out the website for that company you recommended - the one that has the new line if nice Swedish repros. They have a beautiful curved chest (also on your post) that I may look into. I wonder what the price is?

    I am going to check out Iatesta's chandelier! I love his sconces.

    I have some antiques on my list too, but they are so one of a kind that I want to keep those to myself in case I decide to get one of them!

  3. I love that Montaigne Floor Lamp! And I hope you'll share photos of any antiques you buy...in their new home, bien sur! :-)

    How's your Golden pup?

    Happy Easter!

  4. ooooh ahhhh the serpentine chest is lovely.
    and the swedish chandelier is magical.

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