Monday, March 31, 2008

Deja Vu

As I was perusing the real estate listings in Atlanta, I came across this home, which is newly listed.

The picture is a little dark, but I like the style. An interesting mix of chairs, great coffee table, nice dark chest with a painting and a starburst mirror above it. Nice check fabric on the drapes. Very sophisticated and comfortable at the same time.

Another view of the living room, from a different perspective. This one is much better lit. The room looks even more charming; there is a lucite end table, a great series of framed intaglios, and look at the console table and tapestry on the far side of the room. I was immediately struck by how familiar it looked.

Here is a picture, from the Asheworth court section of Suzanne Kasler's website. It is the same console that is seen in the real estate picture. It is paired with the very same tapestry. Very interesting!

Aren't these the same intaglios that are on the real estate listing? The ones on the real estate listing are hanging above the sofa. And, the chair...it is the same one that is to the left of the console on the real estate listing. (This picture is from the 'Asheworth Court' pictures on Kasler's website).

Here is a picture of the dining room from the real estate listing. The chairs are beautiful, as is the chandelier.

Interesting...the same chairs and chandelier. This one is from the Asheworth Court section of Kasler's website.

Here are those chairs again, from the Southern Accents Watersound Showhouse, 2004. Yes, Suzanne Kasler did the interior design for this showhouse.

But, the piece de resistance, the thing that made it all come together for me was this picture.

This is the bedroom from the real estate listing. The bed is the Prince Charles bed by Rose Tarlow. The nightstands are the cream laquer serpentine chests by Nancy Corzine. How do I know this? This bedroom furniture, in a different house on Asheworth Court, was featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, June 2006. It was the bedroom of Suzanne Kasler herself, in her home that was sold last year. Putting two and two together, I think it is one and the same as the home on Asheworth Court.

Kasler on the cover of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, in her bedroom.

Picture of the bedroom from Kasler's website, Asheworth Court pictures.

Word on the street is that Kasler has just finished renovating a lovely 1930s home in Buckhead, so perhaps the real estate listing was her rental while her new home was being renovated. Or, maybe someone was the lucky recipient of a great estate sale! Either way, the real estate listing proves to me that great design can really help sell a home. And, it also proves that a foundation of strong design can make the transition from one house to another. The furniture in the Asheworth Court home look good in the home in the real estate listing; the pieces are rearranged and often grouped separately, but it all works well!

(Side Note: when the Asheworth Court home went on the market last year, I posted about it without even knowing that Suzanne Kasler was affiliated with the home; I simply liked how it looked on the real estate pictures. See the post here: light filled and lovely)


  1. Those interiors are perfection!

  2. You have such a keen eye to notice all those details! Amazing. Great work and great post!

  3. ok, I have to study this good. Rental? Are you sure it's not her original home for sale - i have to leave for my last starbucks run then I'm going to examine these each - GREAT FIND EAGLE EYE - SCORED AGAIN!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    CDT, you know I am an Atlanta real estate stalker! The Asheworth Court house sold very quickly last year. In fact, that is the home that is pictured in this month's Southern Accents - Kasler hosted a fundraiser there. You can barely see pictures of the house. I had also heard that Kasler was renovating a home very near Dan Carithers' home. The house that just went on the market (which id definitely not the Asheworth Court house) has all of the same furnishings, so the only thing I can think is that it is a rental. It could be possible that Kasler sold all of her old furniture to make way for the new stuff for her newly renovated home. Thoughts?

  5. Wow! Eagle eye is right! You pieced everything together beautifully!

  6. Yes, I have the 'gift' of a photographic memory for interior design pictures!!! It would have been more helpful in life to have a photographic memory for all of the endless facts I had to learn when I was in school.

  7. What a super sleuth!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. Such beauty and such fun to see!!!

  8. So cool!! I love reading comparison posts! Miss Marple has nothing on you ;)

  9. Your study is stunning! I love this post


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