Saturday, October 4, 2014

Benches and daybeds in living rooms

I was looking for a picture on Pinterest this week, and noticed that I had quite a few pictures of living rooms with benches and daybeds in them (and the occasional chaise).  Not just a bench against a wall, but a bench or daybed as a counterpoint to a sofa, something that is designed to be used as a key piece of seating.

This is the first time I really tuned into using a bench as a key seating element in a room. This bench is substantial (it’s actually more of a daybed); I think it’s the backless aspect of the design that I like, because it lends an airy look to the design.

Another favorite image of a bench/daybed used in a living room. I would love to see the entire room; perhaps this is a space where the architecture did not allow a sofa, or perhaps there is a sofa against the wall behind the camera’s perspective.  I think this would be a wonderful design for a room that has a significant piece of art facing the bench on the other side. It would be like an art gallery. I also like the versatility of benches – no real front or back, so it would be great for a party. In this room, it would be heaven to recline on the bench with a good book when the fire is lit.

This smaller design is more decidedly a bench.

What would this furniture style be called – a chaise? It has the backless design element that catches my eye, and like some of the previous pictures, the placement in front of the fireplace lends a lot of versatility to the room as the fireplace can be seen and admired.

I love the layout and furniture design in this room. The bench is smaller than the ones used in some of the other rooms, but there is more furniture in this room.

I love the versatility and openness that a bench lends to a space. It looks like the space to the left of the bench is also used as a hallway/path, so the openness of the bench keep the spaces open too.

A bench that divides two seating areas allows for a lot of flexibility. This room would work very well for entertaining.
Another favorite design and furniture layout, the daybed keeps the views to the ocean uncluttered, yet provides a nice seating area. Design by Ohara Davies-Gaetano.
Two benches flanking a fireplace lend a contemporary and sleek feel to this classic space.

Many of the rooms with a bench/chaise/daybed seem to have a distinctly French flair.  This is the Paris apartment of the late L’Wren Scott, which she designed herself. This layout makes so much sense in getting full use of the rooms. The bench (in this case, more like a chaise) is a lighter alternative to a sofa, and allows for full view and light through the windows.

What do you think of this design element?  It really catches my eye.  Do you have any other pictures of this design element to share?

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  1. Holly all of these rooms are fabulous and I do love the idea of a day bed or chaise in the living room, especially when there is lots of space!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Hi Holly, I love this idea! I've been thinking of doing the same in my living room. Love the gray bench that you show in this post! Thanks for clarifying the idea! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the use of daybeds & chaise's in rooms because it gives you beautiful seating without interrupting the view. Great pieces in any space, not just bedrooms!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  4. i find benches simply irresistible so i haven't met one i didn't love--the simpler the better imho. beautiful spaces you have spotlighted here!

  5. I have always loved the bench in a living area. It allows people to sit and face into the room or capture the vista from the other side of the bench. So versatile and charming.

  6. I thing they are so beautiful especially like Leslie said where you are trying not to obstruct the view. I love the room from Veranda!

  7. Love them......I have always been a fan of benches and have a few in my living room and bedroom. I think daybeds are wonderful and practical and I was even thinking of adding on in my office vs. a pair of chairs (so I could crash when I work too hard lol). Lovely examples of them....have a great weekend!

  8. Benches do make the rooms seem so inviting and calm.

  9. Very pretty. But they don't look comfortable. Good for extra seating when entertaining, but to me just don't seem practical for comfort without a back. KW in Atlanta

  10. "I also like the versatility of benches" ditto and I'm with Katherine: There are so many ways to sit on a bench and it's hard to slouch when there are no back. They are like a big ottomans. I haven't though of them as daybeds but lying down during the day is bad news for me.

  11. I love adding a daybed or bench to living rooms they look so wonderful and can truly handle quite a few guests lounging on them!

  12. Hi Holly, We just put a bench in our living and we love it! You're right.....it gives extra seating but doesn't take up as much visual space as a small sofa. Great post!

  13. YIkes...I just looked...think I have a "bench" in every room (except one bathroom.) AND, that "end table" on photo two...YES!! franki

  14. Hi Holly,
    We have a beautiful and comfortable carved wood C18th daybed in our kitchen dining area set against a bank of floor to ceiling windows so we are able to see outside into our backyard which is bordered by woods. Our circular dining table is pulled close to the daybed so that we can also use it for seating. There are several pillows on it for lounging or for taking a daytime nap. We have even used it as extra bed space for overnight guests. Very beautiful and also functional.

  15. I am trying to talk a client into that right now....in a large room it's nice to have extra seating that is not another sofa or chair!


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