Friday, November 4, 2011

In search of the perfect chandelier

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The decor of our new house will be a work in process for several years; we focused on the architecture during the build, and although we furnished most of the rooms to a certain level, for the most part we are taking a phased approach to decor and finishing off one room at a time.  I prefer to have fewer furnishings and fabrics that I love and are just the right thing, and add to the decor over time.  

However, we did purchase most of the fixed lighting as I consider it to be one of the 'architectural' aspects of a house.  Each light fixture was carefully considered for style, scale and proportion, and I love each and every light fixture that my designer selected.  The only major light fixture that we did not find was the chandelier for the dining room.  My designer felt that an antique would be best in the space, and we never really came across 'the one'.

So, until that happens, I will happily collect images and continue to dream about the perfect fixture for the space.  My ideal is to have a crystal chandelier in the dining room - the more crystal, the better. We don't have any other crystal fixtures in the house, and the tall ceilings (11'6") and architectural features of the dining room would make a nice large 'crystally' chandelier right at home. Image via Cote de Texas.

Interestingly, many of my favorite chandelier pictures come from Belgian homes, where the juxtaposition between the simple and the ornate seems to be a style of choice. The contrast of the farmhouse table and the crystal chandelier is just as appealing as the chandelier itself.  Image via Cococozy (see the full post here).

A massive crystal chandelier in a somewhat spare dining room in Belgium.  This is the crystally, somewhat over the top look that I love in a dining room chandelier.  Via Cote de Texas.

An antique chandelier seen out and about in Atlanta.

Maurice Chandelier in Atlanta is a wonderful source for antique lighting.  They have several French antique crystal chandeliers, such as the one seen in this picture.  This picture hardly does the chandelier justice, but it is lovely in real life.

If we go the new chandelier route, I have long admired the Daphne chandelier by Paul Ferrante (I wrote a post devoted to this chandelier in 2008).  The Ainsworth-Noah showroom in Atlanta had this chandelier on display, but it sold; I used to go visit it every so often, and actually miss seeing it.

The Dennis & Leen chandelier that was showcased on the cover of Veranda in September of 2010 makes my heart skip a beat.  The Jerry Pair showroom in Atlanta has one on display, and I often swing through just to gaze upon this pretty fixture. Image: Interior design by Melanie Turner.

After examining the pictures in this post, I realize that I like a combination of small strings of crystals combined with larger pieces (which is probably why the Dennis & Leen and the Paul Ferrante chandeliers are so appealing to me).  Blog posts are often the best way for me to crystallize (pun intended!) what I really like about something.

Although it would be nice to have a chandelier in time for Thanksgiving, when we plan on hosting friends and family for the inaugural use of the formal dining room, time and budget will prevent this from happening.  I must admit, however, that I often have just as much satisfaction in the search as the acquisition!

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  1. Nice pictures! And yes a chrystal chandelier gives a beautiful light it looks so nice!
    Perhaps you can visit Belgium whe have other beautiful things to ;-))

  2. Total agreement...the search can be just as much fun as the eventual purchase. I have a crystal chandelier in my dining room and really love it. I agree with you again that the contrast of the opulent with the spare is fabulous. XO, Mona

  3. Holly..all good things come to those who wait and like you we are taking the phased approach to decorating, trying to do it all would spoil the fun and most significantly it would make my head explode!! Too many decisions at once! We are not anywhere nearly done wtih lighting but I am so mch like you, would so rather have a few choice much loved items then a bunch of things just to fill the space. At least you know that when you do find "the one" it will be one to treasure, love and admire for a long time to come.

    The only real hanging fixtures we have bought so far are lanterns that we bought are for my kitchen and we bought beautiful ant. Baccarat chandelier at auction a few years ago that might be used in the dining room. I am with you...like the idea of a "crystally decadent looking chandelier but the older ones have that worn patina that I love and am after, wheresas the new ones feel too sparkly and perfect.

    Lots to think about..how exciting that you get to christen your new dining room this Thanksgiving! All the best:)

  4. I agree, love the search. You will know when it is the one. You will just love it!

  5. I should make your post required reading for all my clients! For some, it seems "a micro-wave is too slow" and they have to have it all at once!

    I like your line of thinking about contrasting styles and periods. If the room is all the same, a person can take it in all at once, while a room done with contrasting styles and periods needs to be explored and discovered.

    I bet Thanksgiving by candle light, without the chandelier, will feel just right, too.


  6. Tina said everything! I agree 100%. Take your time, look around and you'll know when you see the right one!

    Have a blessed weekend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  7. You are on the right path! I always tell my clients that some items are best to be acquired over time and not rushed. I love the chandelier pictures you posted! I absolutely love my dining room chandelier... It is out of my in-law's house on West Paces Ferry Rd..we move it from house to house and I'll never tire of it!
    Love your blog!

  8. I like the idea of an antique fixture, but somehow when I go to make the selection, I get cold feet about how well they are made. Have you considered Julie Neill Designs in New Orleans? http://www.julieneill.com/chandeliers.html
    She has some that are both elegant and refined at the same time.

  9. I too was on a mission or the perfect chandelier not so long ago... There's a beauty at Rousset antiques... although it may be too small for your space, but worth checking out.. I'm doing a post on the shop soon... She doesn't have many - it's the Italian Crystal Chandelier... you can't miss it!

  10. Love Maurice Chandelier.
    Lose my mind in there.

  11. Wouldn't it be great to find 2 "the ones" Hang one in the spring and the other in the fall. Two would be more than twice as good as one.

  12. I have had my eye on the D&L chandelier for years. The price is not too much less than an antique, but I like the crisper cleaner look of new pieces.

  13. I once toured a home that didn't have a chandlier in the dining room because the homewoner wanted tall flower arrangements on the table for special occasions. I never even noticed it was missing until someone pointed it out.

  14. Ooh yeah, I vote for that one from Dennis & Leen too - very well spotted by you. It has such a pretty shape & pleasing proportions and it carries just the right ratio of crystal to armature, at least to my eye - crisper & cleaner just as anonymous said at 1:16 PM. Might require a rather high ceiling to work, though?

  15. Have you looked at the Big Chandelier on 14th Street?

  16. You are so smart to wait until the right one comes along...and it will and you will appreciate it all the more! I agree with all the comments against simply filling a space as rapidly as possible. It's your home, not a hotel lobby, so everything should have meaning and reflect the personality of you and your family. You can't go wrong with a timeless crystal chandelier. Just before we moved to Chicago, I worked with Jack at The Big Chandelier and together we designed my the crystal chandelier for my dining room. It's a new frame with antique crystals he's collected here and there. So way up here in The Windy City, I've got little crystal pieces from different lovely old Southern homes!

  17. The first image is like the perfect Christmas tree, and the last image is so loose and arty. Love them all, but my pref is first and last. Happy hunting.

  18. It certainly does take time to design an entire interior. I agree with you on taking your time!
    Beautiful chandeliers.

  19. Oh a chrystal chandy is stunning. The right one will come along and you will definitely be in love. Hugs, Marty

  20. Beautiful images Holly! have missed you in blogland. These chandeliers are divine! Would love to see the exterior of your new home..PLEASE!! have a great weekend ☺

  21. Oh Holly such gorgeous chandeliers, and I am totally in love with the last one in Veranda...the whole room is fabulous!! I know you will find just the right one, and I completely agree that it's so much fun to look, and ponder, and wait until you can get just the right one!!

  22. I just found your blog...such a great space! I will for sure become a new follower for all the great new stuff. Xoxo.

  23. What gorgeous rooms! I love the look of a chandelier in a formal dining room as well. We had one in our last house, inherited from the original home owner. I adored it and often wish I had taken it with us, but felt that it belonged with the house.

    ps -I've been following your blog for awhile, but lately have been a bit backlogged on blog reading. Did I miss your house reveal???

  24. beautiful selection of chandeliers...thanks for posting

  25. I love waiting for all good things to come. I searched high and low for the perfect chandelier too until I finally had one put together for me. Good luck on the hunt. You WILL find it!

  26. did you end up putting can lights in your new home? would love to see a followup on the lights your chose and how they are working now that you are settled.



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