Saturday, March 19, 2011

An inspirational discovery

Years ago, I purchased a beautiful green pear sculpture, which had a place of honor in my family room.  Just looking at that pear made me happy!  However, when our golden retriever Ben joined the family, his large enthusiastic tail knocked my pear off the table.

When I saw this picture from Suzanne Kasler's portfolio, I asked her where she got the beautiful pear sculptures on her kitchen table (this image is from her previous house).  She purchased them years ago at Lars Bolander's store in New York, and the were one of a kind.

I continued to keep my eye out for pear sculptures, and you can imagine my delight when I found the pear artist again recently!  I promptly purchased a green pear, and asked the artist if she would like to sell her pears through my store, Quatrefoil Design.

The artist is Lisa Olliff, and she has always had a passion for art and sculpture.  In recent years she decided to pursue her love for sculpture and pottery, and her skill, talent, and creativity really shine through!  Pears are one of her favorite subject matters, for their organic beauty.

One of Lisa's pears (already sold)
Her pears are so beautiful, and as they are hand made, each has a character of its own.  I haven't decided where I will put mine, but there are so many options!

A group of three on the kitchen table

They would look great in a small grouping, on a kitchen table, similar to how Suzanne had her pears arranged in her house.

A charming turquoise pear in my bookshelf

A large pair takes the place of honor on an occasional table

A smaller pear looks wonderful perched on top of a stack of books

The pears look great as part of a tablescape on a chest. Do you spy the pear in this vignette?

I am pleased to offer the following selection of Lisa's pears in the Quatrefoil Design store:

Medium Turquoise Pear - $110 

Large ochre pear, $160

Medium pear sculpture in green, $110

Extra large pear sculpture in ochre, $340

Extra large pear sculpture in deep red, $280

Medium pear sculpture in deep green

We also have a sweet collection of acorns - http://quatrefoildesign.bigcartel.com/product/acorn-sculpture-i is the one in this picture, check the Quatrefoil Design sculpture section in the store for more!

To see all of the pear sculptures, please visit the sculpture section of the Quatrefoil Design store, http://quatrefoildesign.bigcartel.com/category/sculpture

The possibilities are endless!  If you see a pear you like, and it is sold out, please send an email to me at quatrefoildesign@gmail.com - it is possible to have Lisa make one for you in your desired color and size combination.  Keep in mind, though, that each pear is a unique and individual piece of art, and custom orders will have their own unique character. It's part of the beauty of original art!

Also just in, six original bird drawings from Melissa Tubbs.  These are only in the store once in a blue moon - come check them out! 

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  1. Good morning, Holly!

    I love green pears... I'm not sure why, but for me, it brings some freshness to the house, some fun and green is such a happy, vibrant color. I have 3 of them in my living room (on a shelf).

    Hope lots of people buy these beauties! They're really good looking!

    Enjoy your Saturday!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. Not only is the modeling of the pears fantastic, but the different glazes are amazing. The turquoise pear has my heart right now. Thanks. Mary

  3. Lovely find indeed! They are beautiful and are a great accessory that would work in so many places!

  4. Great addition to your store! There's something about pears that is so appealing. Love the turquoise one.

  5. I have collected pear sculptures for years so it is nice to see I am now alone. There is just something so simple and sweet about them. I also love your little acorns (akerns as my aunt in Texas calls them)

  6. Beautiful! I especially like the turquoise one.

    And I'm off to vote for you, Holly. Best of luck!

  7. the leaves are still small

  8. So gorgeous...love the many ways they can be used!!

  9. The pears are beautiful but I would be afraid our golden would try to eat it since pears are his favorite fruit! Happy Sunday!

  10. So very pretty! Pears always make me smile!

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