Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Architectural Digest Kitchen Contest

Did you know that Architectural Digest has a kitchen contest going on? Apparently there was already a preliminary round, which consisted of kitchens sent in by Architectural Digest (AD) readers. Based on the preliminary round of voting, six kitchens have made it into the finals. I was particularly thrilled to see that a kitchen I had featured on my blog was in the finals - it is an Atlanta home designed by Melanie Turner of Turner Davis Interiors. I had the pleasure of seeing this kitchen in person, and it is one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen.

Here are the finalists:

Kitchen by Turner Davis Interiors. I love this kitchen - it is both modern and classic at the same time. This is one of my all time favorite kitchens, and it is well deserving of this honor!

I love the lanterns - large scale and beautiful. Seeing this kitchen makes me want to see the rest of the home. Kitchen by Phil Kean Designs.

It seems to be the lighting that catches my eye in all of these kitchen designs! I love the delicate globe lanterns used in this kitchen, and the smart use of space. Kitchen by Amy Meckfessel of Orinda, California.

The combination of the chevron floors and the sleek contemporary design is striking in this kitchen by Traci Taylor of Design Studio West.

The light fron the wall of windows in this kitchen really appeals to me. The kitchen itself is contemporary and beautifully suited to the space. Kitchen by Brittany Drennen of Kansas City, Missouri.

The details in this kitchen are what immediately catch my eye - the bookcase in the island, the combination of countertops, the artful arrangement of sinks. Kitchen by William Noval of Hopewell, New Jersey.

Please visit the Architectural Digest website to cast your vote (for my email readers, please click here)! You can vote once per day (if you feel particularly passionate about one of these kitchens), and voting continues through October 26. The winner will be announced on October 27! Good luck to all of the designers behind these beautiful kitchens. My vote is for local talent Melanie Turner!


  1. Wow! They are all gorgeous! Love Noval's island.


  2. My vote is for Melanie Turner too. What a fabulous job. They are all great though and well deserving of the recognition.

  3. "Kitchen by Brittany Drennen of Kansas City, Missouri" with the amazing wall of windows really catches my eye. I'd like to be there.

    I can't grok these from a single picture. We're just seeing a few details, not how it fits, how it flows, the floor plan, what you see when you are cooking. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pictures could be built in a studio for a photo shoot.

    All seem a bit overboard for my grilled cheese and leftover salad dinner. These make me feel small.

  4. I have to agree with you on the Turner kitchen - a stunner. Love the way light floods the space, and the little punch of color.

  5. I love the dark floors in Ms. Turner's kitchen!

  6. I so agree with you on that one! The Turner kitchen is amazing - on all levels. And the settee, the over sized pendants and the stools are just fab. accent pieces. I am printing this post faster than I can write (: - Monika.

  7. Wow, they're all beautiful -- how do you choose just one?! I love kitchen windows that come right down to the counter, so the William Noval kitchen really catches my eye. Although there are elements in all of these kitchens that I love!!

    Decisions, decisions....


  8. fantastic - kitchens have come such a long way, but we often still reminisce about the traditional ones... like this post, more traditional than modern... great pics

  9. Your's is my fave and must be the winner!!

  10. Oh, I love all of them. I'm especially fond of the William Noval design...just gorgeous. I'll go cast my vote! ; ) Trina

  11. Beautiful kitchens, your blog is always so inspiring!

  12. Melanie Turner!!! In my top 5 EVER!

  13. Melanie Turner's kitchen is masterful. Her blend of traditional and modern has been so skillfully executed that you really have to look carefully to see both. Thank you for posting about all these kitchens - they are all lovely in their own way.

  14. me too: Melanie Turner

    the way in which the space is configured, the flow pattern and my god the color!

  15. They're all beautiful, but I did especially like the dark floors, large window and built-in shelves in the Atlanta kitchen.

  16. I concur- Melanie Turner of Turner Davis Interiors deserves the win, hands down! Such a well articulated mix of modern and classic that equates to chic, chic chic. Oh and I did a good gut check-I am in no way biased in my choice of the Atlanta designer :-)

  17. One of my favs fro years has been teh first photo - I still have the pictures pulled out from a random magazine a couple of years ago - classic. beautiful. timeless!


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