Sunday, August 10, 2008

New on the market in DC

A home came on the market last week in Washington, DC. Built in 1927, the real estate listing describes it as 'Spanish Eclectic'. It is on 1.1 acres, which is unusual in DC, and the price tag reflects the prime nature of the land and the location: $7.5 million.

The intricate ironwork on the door is beautiful.

The floors of the entry are painted. I love it when there is a wall big enough to have a chest or settee in the front hall. This arrangement of a chest and a large mirror is beautiful.

The dining room appears to be large, but the table is small. I have heard that a luncheon for Laura Bush was held in this home, and tables were placed in the living room to accommodate the group.

The living room is quite deep, and has several different seating areas.

The living room from a different perspective. It appears to span the entire depth of the home. The grand piano is in the corner, and hardly takes up any room. I love the drapes in this room - cream and peach silk stripe. Simple and elegant.

Another perspective. The rug is the diamond sisal seen in so many homes, but in my opinion, it is one of the prettiest and most versatile rugs if you want to update and neutralize a room.

There is a pretty covered porch off the living room.

This is a gallery area that is seen from the front door. It does not seem to connect to the living room, but it does connect to the family room.

Here is the family room (on the far end, you can see the clock that is in the gallery area).

Another view of the family room. It appears to open up to the back patio.

Another view. The owners seem to have the same sisal throughout the main level of the home. The home certainly gets a lot of natural light, which is so important in a home.

The kitchen. Based on the large arched window over the door, this room appears to be on the front of the house on the right side (take a look at the picture of the exterior of the home). It does not appear to connect to the family room, although there is a door out of the family room that might lead to a part of the kitchen. To me, one of the most important component of pictures of a real estate listing are pictures that show how a home flows. To me, the flow of a home is an essential component of its livability.

The stairs from the front hall lead upstairs.

Unfortunately, there were not many pictures of the upstairs, but there was a picture of the master bedroom. As you can see, it is very large!

This view of the back of the house shows the many levels of outdoor living.

So, what do you think of this home? I think it is beautiful, and I love the decor. It is definitely a home made for entertaining, so I am not sure if my lifestyle would suit this home. Perhaps it will sell to a politician who has fundraisers and dinner parties at his or her home on a regular basis.


  1. This is a beautiful home, and I'm taken by the scale and open feeling of the rooms and the available light! I love the windows - would hate keeping them clean. And I agree on the politicans, it provides the perfect wine and dine them quality you need in DC.

  2. So pretty! I love the neutral palette! I think the Master bedroom is too big though, I like the coziness of a smaller room. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great house tour. It's beautiful. That is a lot of space to have in DC!

    I've really enjoyed reading through your blog this morning. You've got so many lovely things to look at here. I got totally sucked in.

    Thanks! -Julia :-)

  4. Great post - I really enjoyed seeing all the interior photos of this home. It's very tastefuly done and filled with light. Charming!

  5. do you have the link to this house - it's so pretty - i want to read more about it!


  6. What a beautiful house, definetly for entertaining or a large family.

  7. I love the wide open feel of the rooms. It is truly turn key ready.
    The exterior reminds me of a few Richarson Romanesque buildings.

  8. Oh, it is very pretty! And very spacious! Great find!


  9. WOW I thought the homes I discover in small time Sydney are impressive but this place has floored me!

    Anna :)

  10. What a gorgeous house! I love the painted floorboards and all the neutral colouring. Its great to see such a comprehensive post so you get a feel for the whole house - very enjoyable read.

  11. i take this house over some of the irvine houses in california which is selling for a ridiculous price of 5 to 10 millions.

  12. Wow, this is really beautiful. Love the open space, soft colors and great looking grounds.


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