Monday, July 28, 2008

Reader's Question

After seeing my last post on William Hefner, a reader e-mailed about the coffee table in the living room of the home I featured. She has been looking for a metal base coffee table with a glass top, and likes the combination of straight lines and curves on the coffee table pictured above. She also likes a silver or nickel finish.

I remembered seeing a coffee table very similar to this one in the Niermann Weeks showroom in Washington D.C. It is made by La Forge Francais, a New York based furniture company that specializes in metal furniture. Although they primarily sell to the trade, their website says that their items are also available to the general public. All of their items can be custom sized and a variety of finishes are available.

Here is the Neuilly coffee table, which is the most similar to the table in the William Hefner home.

My personal favorite is the Saturne coffee table. I have seen this in many design magazines. Although it does not have the curved lines that my reader likes, I love the proportions and the details on the legs.

The Chantilly is also a beautiful coffee table. It too combines the straight lines with the curves.

For something with a little more weight, the Gaby might work well.

(All of the above coffee tables are from La Forge Francais)

Worlds Away also has a coffee table with similar lines. This is the Sabor coffee table.

The Sabor coffee table is also available with two rounded end pieces - the table is three separate pieces, which makes it very versatile.

Worlds Away also makes this lovely nickle coffee table (it also comes in gold) that has a nice combination of curves and straight lines.
Global Views makes a nice French coffee table in nickel that has the look my reader admires.

Finally, no discussion of metal coffee tables can be complete without mentioning the Julian Chichester Larson coffee table. This table is modeled on the designs of 1940s designer Rene Drouet, and is beautiful in person. It has a an antiqued eglomise top (mirrored).
If you ever see a picture of a piece of furniture in a magazine, and would like to know the source, feel free to email me. For some reason I have a photographic memory for furniture. It is not a very useful skill, but it comes in handy sometimes!


  1. do love nierman weeks! they're just brilliant.

  2. Wow! That is a great skill!!! What a fantastic post! I put in my save file!!!

  3. PE Guerin in NYC also makes metal tables.


  4. Sacheverelle - thanks, I was not familiar with this company. I will check out their website.

  5. The last coffee table is lovely. I like your favorite as well.

  6. I love this kind of coffee tables !

  7. Love the coffee tables!

    Happy weekend!

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  9. Love the coffee table styles.

    Hickory Chair makes a rather beautiful one called the Bristol.

    Thanks for the great site.

  10. S., Thanks for this marvelous post and your amazing photographic memory. Oddly enough, I love the styling of all the nickel tables you showed and also the Saturne is delightful! I will have to investigate to see what, if any, I can source in Canada. Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful starting point!!
    xo Terri

  11. Love your blog. Jonathan Adler also has a great metal and glass table in his collection by the way.

  12. thank you for the coffee table post! i have been trying to decide on one and finally think i have made up my mind- thanks to your blog! ciao~

  13. thank you for this great post,just what i was looking for


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