Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amy Howard Collection

A few years ago, I saw a chest of drawers from the Amy Howard Collection in a decorators showhouse. I was familiar with the company, as I had seen the ads in many of the design magazines, but I had never seen a piece in person. This is the piece that I saw:

This is the Serpentine Commode, one of Amy Howard's signature pieces. I frequently see this commode, often in the finish pictured (although there are dozens of finishes available), in the various design magazines that I subscribe to. In fact, this chest in one of the bedrooms featured in this month's House Beautiful.

Notice the Amy Howard Serpentine Chests used as side tables (House Beautiful, December 2007).

The Amy Howard Collection is a trade only furniture company that makes upscale hand-crafted, hand-painted interpretations of fine antiques, with a focus on classic 18th century French, Italian, Paris Moderne, and 30s Glamour. Their range of finishes is amazing, and reflects Amy Howard's background in decorative arts and mural painting. Her furniture collection now features over 300 pieces, and each piece reflects Amy's committment to quality and artistry. I noticed that the Amy Howard website has recently been redeveloped, and it is a great way to take a look at the many wonderful pieces of furniture in her collection.

Amy Howard Guinot console

Amy Howard's lovely home in Memphis has been featured in many design magazines. It is also featured on the website of the The French Mix, a McKinney, Texas store that features all sorts of lovely France sourced and France inspired items. The owner of the French Mix characterizes Amy Howard's furniture as on 'the leading edge of home decor, mixing classic French and Italian reproductions with modern pieces that work together to complete a new look of Modern European". According to the French Mix, "Old World is OUT. Modern European with a mix of classic is IN. It must be said that to blend classic style with contemporary is not an easy thing to do, but Amy Howard has taken the challenge and excelled in the task".

Charleston cocktail table, Amy Howard Collection

Here are a few pictures of Amy Howard's home, which beautifully illustrate the 'Modern European' look.

Family room of Amy Howard's Memphis home. I love the bold stripes of the window treatments contrasted with the graceful arms of the turned wood chandelier. Many of the furniture pieces in this room are from the Amy Howard Collection.

The library. I am normally not a big fan of dark libraries, but this one is gorgeous with the chocolate brown walls, the mirrored coffee table (from the Amy Howard Collection), and the green loveseat. The seagrass carpet, the mirrored surface, and the light green are a great counterbalance to the darkness of the walls.

The powder room off of the library. This is a very unique room, with the unusual sink and the lion head fountain for the water. It looks like the water is pumped with a foot pump. I love the grass on the side of the sink, but it seems like this would be very hard to maintain!

The kitchen dining area.

The 'friends entrance'; I assume this is the back entrance by the name, although this is such a balanced setting that it would be lovely at the front entrance!

View one of the salon. Look at that great chandelier. I remember seeing the floorplan for this house in a magazine last year. I recall that it has a long gallery across the front, which can be seen in this picture. The gothic lantern in the gallery mixes seamlessly with the more elaborate chandelier, doesn't it?

Salon, view two. A long room like this was probably hard to design, but the space is separated and defined by the round table in the middle.

Upstairs hall.

Upstairs loft. Look at the beautiful iron railings.

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  1. Isn't that the library that was on the cover of Traditional Home a while ago? I saved that magazine and still have it on display in a magazine basket- it's one of my favorite rooms!

  2. God her house is gorgeous. McKinney Texas - you have got to be kidding! I mean you have no idea how po-dunk that town is. I can't imagine they have store like that there. ok, I've seen those tables recently somewhere - did you show them to me? I just can't remember. I LOVE this post!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, McKinney! I was surprised too. The store looks lovely, check out the website.

    I don't think I have shown you the tables, but you see them practically every month in one of the magazines. Have you ever ordered an Amy Howard piece, CDT?

    Dear Designer, I think you are right! I LOVE this library. The combination of sea grass, dark dark brown, and light green really appeals to me.

  4. Oh, oh, OH! All so sumptuous. My goodness. The idea of a "friends entrance" has such appeal. Even though it might be intended as the "back door" (as you point out), the term has a warm, welcoming connotation. And the setting is beautiful.

    What a gorgeous post!

  5. Great post. Her pieces are at one of the showrooms here; they are lovely. And "friends' entrance." So much more gracious than back door.

  6. Oooh, I love that dark library. The height carries it off. Gorgeous post.

  7. I love the dark chocolate library, scrumptious!

  8. Wow wee, gorgeous images!!! Great blog! Thanks for leaving me your message. Will link your QUALITY blog asap!

  9. what a beautiful post - There's a lot of work in this!
    The green love seat is beautiful - as are the chairs in the upstairs hall!

  10. What a great house! Thanks for the pictures. I always liked Amy Howard furniture, but to see her home is great!

  11. I really enjoyed these photos, all very striking and beautiful rooms!

    Thanks so much!

  12. i love amy howard...i used that dining room table in a house i did last year. its amazing. i also love the blue chest- it is beautiful in person.

  13. Thank you for sharing these photos, they are absolutely stunning! Love the dramatic dark libraries and his mirrored -X legged coffee table. Wow!


  14. OH I love Amy Howard her furniture is the greatest!! HAVE YOU HEARD... she has a candle line with shampoo, lotion the souffle is the GREATEST!!!! WWW.AMYHOWARDHOME.COM you can even become a retailer to carry it in your store!! Wish I had a store!!

  15. The whole house is clean and airy, but well appointed and not sterile. I like her use of the banded dupioni silk drapes throughout. Nice.


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