Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Devil Wears Prada

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I recently watched 'The Devil Wears Prada', and thought that the design for Miranda's Priestly's office was divine. The console in particular struck me, and I have kept an eye out for something similar ever since. I could only find a tiny picture with the console in it, but you can see on the left - black with a distinctive curve, very art deco.

The Amy Howard Guinot console has a similar look and feel, although it is not the same as the one in the movie:

When looking for images of the console, I found some interesting information on the set design of Miranda Priestly's office.
From Wikipedia:
"After touring some offices of real fashion magazines, Jess Gonchor (production designer) gave the Runway offices a clean, white look meant to suggest a makeup compact ("the chaste beiges and whites of impervious authority", Denby called it). Miranda's office bears some strong similarities to the real office of Anna Wintour, down to an octagonal mirror on the wall, photographs and a floral arrangement on the desk (a similarity so marked Wintour had her office redecorated after the movie). The magazine itself is very similar to Vogue, and one of the covers on the wall of the office, showing three models, is a direct homage to the August 2004 cover of that magazine."
Here is a great image I found, taken by starbuckscameron on flikr - it shows Anna Wintour's office compared with Miranda's office on the set:

Wouldn't it be great to design the set of a movie like this?

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  1. If you find out where that console comes from - let me know, it's'stunning. That would definitely have been a fun set to design.

  2. I have been looking for a while - it might have been custom made - but I will keep on looking!

  3. I am a big fan of this office! Great post Sarah...you wouldn't believe how many people tell me they want an office just like that. For sure, a fun set to design.


  4. Sarah, great post! I still haven't seen this movie but you've inspired me to rent it :)

  5. Set design is so amazing. I did find a site featuring designers and then I lost it. I'll try to find it again to let you know. I also love 'Something's Gotta Give' set. Hamptons Beach House style. You have a fab blog.

  6. Ooh what an interesting post-both offices are divine, aren't they?

  7. Great detective work. I will have to watch that movie again and this time concentrate on the furnishings instead of Meryl Streep. She does command your attention. Loved that movie.

  8. Just looked at the pics again...where's Meryl's laptop?
    Can't remember if she had one in the movie. That settles it I am off to rent it tonight.

  9. I am also very interested in the outer office. I love the assistant's chairs and the color pallet. Does anyone have pix of the outer office and/or info on the chair and desk manufacturers?

  10. I have also been looking for a table like this to use as a desk - love the look. Check out some of the tables from Tom Faulkner - http://www.tomfaulkner.co.uk/pages/productdisplay.asp?id=1

  11. I know this post is quite old, but it popped up when I was searching for the console myself and I thought I'd let you know, in case you're still interested, that it's a Mastercraft console from de 60's.




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