Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jackye Lanham’s beautiful new website

One of Atlanta’s most talented designers, Jackye Lanham, has a brand new website (just launched yesterday), and it is quite spectacular.  I have seen some of her work in magazines throughout the years (Veranda, Southern Accents, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest to name a few), but the array of pictures on the website vastly expands the exposure to the depth and breadth of Lanham’s work, and includes recent projects that have not been published (yet).   Designed by one of the best web designers in the Southeast, Namey Design Studios, it is full of exquisite images I have never before seen.

Most of the Jackye Lanham interiors that I have seen in the magazines are elegant and traditional, with exquisite details.    Case in point: this beautiful room.  Look at the details in the chairs, the curtains, the wallpaper.  In a Southern Accents interview, Lanham once said that a room “should look like a well-dressed lady with style and panache who is also elegant and classic”.  She also notes that “I am always looking at fashion, old and new, for interesting details because that is the key to creating a new approach to curtain making. The finishes on a curtain are like the details on a well-made dress. A colored or patterned lining, a grosgrain trim, a ruffle, or a frayed edge are details that make curtains beautiful”. (Source)

Lanham is known for her masterful wall compositions.  It takes an experienced eye, plus a dash of boldness, to be able to create a vignette like this.

Another interesting wall vignette, paired with a pair of my favorite chairs (I believe they are Dessin Fournir).

Lanham is also known for her soothing color palette, which is evident when perusing the pictures on her new website.  Lanham is at the top of her game, and clearly gets to work with the most amazing architects – the architecture of the homes featured on her website provide an exquisite backdrop for Lanham’s work.

Many of Lanham’s signature touches are seen in her varied projects – such as the use of plates as decorative features on walls.  As a side note, I wonder what kind of marble this is?  Perhaps Georgia marble.  I am still marble obsessed, although I have finally picked my slabs (more on that in a different post!).

Another beautiful kitchen designed by Lanham.  It is light and fresh, traditional but not at all stuffy. Note the painted floor.  Also interesting to note that the range seems to be standalone – the counters do not go to the edge.

I love seeing some of the more streamlined examples of Lanham’s work on the new website.

My blog friend Tara Dillard would certainly agree -  vanishing threshold at its best, with steel windows opened to a beautiful backyard.  The yard beckons you out, and the interior beckons you in.  Perfection in architecture, interior design, and landscape.

I think I know which house this is….Jackye Lanham crafted the interiors of the house I have in mind.

I believe this room is from the same house.  Again, the quality of the architecture, the interior design, and the landscape give such a pulled together feel to this space.  Jackye commented in Southern Accents that “I like to think that no matter what the space is, there is a flow of color, texture, and patina that pulls your eye gently from corner to corner and back again”.  This perfectly captures the feel in this room. 

Here is another view of the room, from a different angle.  Architecture by Bill Litchfield, photography by Tom Namey.  Bill Litchfield’s website was designed by Namey Design Studios too.  It seems inevitable that this house will be published in a magazine sometime soon…I wonder which magazine will be lucky enough to get the feature.
This is just the tip of the iceberg – for dozens of images of Jackye Lan ham’s work, and for more information on Jackye and her firm, please visit her new website at  All images in this post are from Jackye Lanham’s new site.

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  1. Wow....seriously wow! I have always been a fan of Jackye's work, but seeing it all here together makes me want to scrap what I've got and start over. Every room is amazing, but I'm having kitchen envy.

    Love, love, love her work.

    And, love that "Georgia" marble in the 1st kitchen. Looking forward to reading what you picked for yours.

    xo Elizabeth

  2. WOW!! Just lovely. My mouth popped open when I saw that bedroom. I just wanted to jump in the picture, sit in that chair and put my feet up! I love that second kitchen, too! Her site is now on my Favorite's list!

  3. I was just speculating on the type of marble - it doesn't look Italian to me, it looks like Georgia marble, but I don't know for sure!

    I am excited about the marble I found - it is Greek marble, believe it or not. It is less absorbent than granite, very hard, and quite beautiful - but a totally different look than what most people are doing with Italian marble. When I look at it, I think of an impressionist painting - very softly patterned, with ripples instead of big veins. The slabs I got actually look a bit like a hybrid between limestone and marble, although they are marble.

  4. I admire her appreciation for decorative lighting. Too many do not realize that recessed downlights just don't cut it for primary lighting in traditional interiors.

  5. I love it and I'll check out the website.

    Talking about Bill, I really admire him... he's a tremendous architect and he's a very, very sweet person. I've made a post about him before actually.

    Have a blessed day! :-)


    Luciane at

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  6. It was funny how many of Lanham's rooms I had in my folder before I was so aware of designers. Thanks for the heads up on her site. I love the use of old pewter in that kitchen.

  7. So many wonderful design concepts here. I love how nothing took away from the already good design that was in place in all the spaces, like the glass doors and windows even the exposed wood beams. Perfect colors...what can I say, I love!

  8. These are amazing pictures and another confirmation of the quality of homes in the States, so much more luxurious than in Europe!
    I'm intrigued by your mention of the painted floor, off to check her website to find out more!
    Thank you

  9. So much inspiration in this post - Jackye and Bill are phenomenal! (And completely agree that Namey Design Studios is the best designer to show off their talents!)

  10. What a visual joy! With the loss of Southern Accents and the shift in Veranda's focus there is a real void for this type of beautiful, detailed and perfectly orchestrated design. Off to check out her site - coffee cup in hand.

  11. I am so glad you did a post on her! She has been one of my favorites for a long time. What a treat to get to see more of her work.

  12. Stunning photos, what wonderful work. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Thanks for the info! Another HUGE fan here -- always hoped that she would consider doing a decor book ... that one would be on my Must Buy list!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  14. Great post! The designs are beautiful- the kitchen spaces are pure perfection! Glad to find your blog!

  15. Thanks so much for this link. The cornices in that first photo are amazing. I've never seen such beautiful ones. I normally do not like cornices but these are so lovely...that I love them. All the rooms beyond gorgeous. Especially love all the metal windows. What a talent.

  16. Omgosh, Holly thank you for sharing this site with us. Her work is timeless and understate elegance at its best. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the kitchen. The cupboards are the same green as mine and those domed wedgwood cake plates. I am just taken aback at how beautiful her work is. I am difinitely going to go and spend some time on her new website. Thank you again, KS

  17. Thank you for introducing me to Jackye Lanham. Her work is gorgeous!

  18. Beautiful! Simply the classic but fresh take on each and every room. That first room is downright dreamy, the bedroom, the kitchens...perfection! Exciting that you chose your marble..can't wait to see pictures!

  19. Didn't you introduce me to Ms. Lanham way back when? Congratulations to her and to us because we get to see more of her work.

  20. Wow, that home is truely beautiful. The natural combination of woods, stones and metals just flows so well. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Images are breathtaking, and you can certainly see the dressmaker detail to the venue in her creation. Thanks for the heads up I am Headed to her website for further investigation.Maryanne:)

  22. Wow...absolutely gorgeous images, can't wait to see the website!!

  23. Love love love her work, thanks for sharing this! And you are right, it will be interesting to see which magazine will publish this amazing space!

  24. Have always adored her work. I have many dog eared tear sheets of hers. Now I guess I don't have to worry about preserving them so carefully any more. Can't wait to go over and take a peek and looking forward to seeing more of what's happening at your place!

  25. WOW, Holly!!! What an amazing post! I truly love each & every image! Lots of inspiration for my DIY decorating. Thanks for sharing.

    Karen T.

  26. Holly,
    These interiors are just fabulous!! Thank you so much for sharing this!
    That orangerie with the steel doors is to die for!
    I have to see her website right now!
    Wish you a fantastic weekend!

  27. Very beautiful...I love her style. The soft colors and details make everything look so elegant. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Amazing images, I am off to check out her site. I am thinking of doing a large table in our kitchen renovation with some Windsor Smith inspiration in mind. This one reminds me of a similar feel. Funny, I noticed the range too and think it looks a bit odd that the counters do not meet and there is that gap. Finally, I love the double Viking ovens. We have a double Viking oven now but the 2nd one is so small I really find it worthless. A true full sized 2nd oven is in my wishlist for our remodel. They really didn't miss anything here!

  29. Stunning! What an a fabulous designer! Rooms to just
    die for.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  30. What beautiful work she does....I love that kitchen with the pewters, silvers, and marble...

  31. Holly, wow, off to her website! It is indeed all in the details and what a fabulous eye she has!

    Art by Karena

  32. Its so beautiful interior thats its hurts..Im in heaven..thanks you so much for sharing

  33. You always bring us such fabulous work. Such a pleasure to read this post and the work of this talented designer. I love this kind of traditional, plenty of layere, from the ceiling right down to the floor. Every inch has been thoughtfully considered. And all that beautiful iron work.

    Now off to see her portfolio..


  34. Thank you for sharing…I have a new design crush. What a talent!

  35. all of the spaces are exquisite!! for some reason, i am so drawn to the cake plates/stands/cake holders on the counter in the kitchen pic....they look like wedgewood and also look like beautiful wedding cakes.

    thank you for the lovliness!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  36. It is even better the second time around!

  37. Thanks for the great discovery, Jackye
    Lan ham’s is abosolutely fabulous, and it is such treat to see quite a bit of her work, great post.