Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beautiful picture arrangements

There is truly an art to hanging art. It takes a great eye, and a person who has excellent spatial awareness and sense of proportion. I have always felt that the art in the room is one of the elements that truly gives a room a finished feel, and I am currently very inspired by the masterful groupings of art that I have seen.

Southern Accents, design by Josie McCarthy, photo by Pieter Estersohn

Southern Accents online has some wonderful articles on the art of hanging art, including an article by Josie McCarthy on her tips for grouping and arranging art. There is also an article on the importance of framing (VERY important, trust me). Famed designer Barry Dixon weighs in by recommending a grouping of nine works; nine is a magical number to him, because it provides many options for arrangement. These experts all recommend to fully plan your arrangement on the floor and even better on the wall (by using cut-out paper in the size and shape of the frame) before attempting to hang the art.

A picture from an Atlanta real estate listing. Suzanne Kasler was the interior designer, and the artwork on the stairs is arranged just so. I love the stair runner and rails too!

Suzanne Kasler is a master at beautiful art arrangement.

Tom Scheerer design

Domino content: Victoria from San Francisco... this is sfgirlbybay blogger! This is my favorite art arrangement on theDomino site.

Domino decorating contest - Joy from Philadelphia

Original art is very desirable, and there are so many wonderful sources for art these days: etsy, ebay, flea markets, children's sketches. However, wonderful and affordable arrangements can also be made from antique prints.

Please visit Quatrefoil Design for more inspirational images.

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  1. What a great grouping of pictures you've assembled here. I love the fact that frames in all different colors, shapes and sizes can be arranged so beautifully. I also like the fact that the artwork isn't all the same style or type. It really makes a interesting statement on the wall.

  2. I love the way you select your photos - esthetically they are all so pleasing as a whole!

  3. I agree, having art on the walls makes such a huge difference to how a room looks, and hanging them right is a skill (as is framing).

  4. You are right-hanging and framing is an art. You have to get it right!
    The frames and staircase makes a very interesting image! and Suzanne Kasler image-even the books (?) are arranged! Love the way you have wrote it!

  5. You've found wonderful images! I agree, there is a lot to hanging pictures. You really have to think things through b/f you starting hammering nails into the wall!

  6. Great images here - truly inspirational. I have to do something about my stair way.

  7. Oh, I am so excited that you posted on this. I am (still) working on my dining room. And it has a very strange wall situation and configuration, which I will explain someday in a post. I have been thinking that art groupings are the solution.

    I will definitely use the tips and photos you have posted as inspiration! Thank you!

  8. Such an inspirational post. Small prints and drawings can make art so much more accessible, and look so much better on the wall than some other options out there. Great post.

  9. This is a wonderfully inspirational post. I love all the photos. Great ideas!


  10. I find it so funny that 5 years ago I was desperate for things to hang on the wall. Now our art collection seems to be growing faster than we can figure out where to hang things. Groupings like this make great sense for avid collectors. I will use this post for future reference. Thanks!

  11. Always an important aspect to the completion of an interior, and not to be trifled with. Great suggestions!

  12. I love these pictures, so I am glad that all of you do too. I am starting a collection of great things that will work in a grouping, and painting some things too. I hope to do a great arrangement on my stairway.

  13. hi - will you shoot me the link to the Kasler house? :):) please, ma'am.


  14. I do love the bird pillows in Joy's room! And next time I hang art, I really must try that with pieces of paper first!


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