Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New on the market in Atlanta

A house came on the market this week in Atlanta, and it is a beauty. Built in 1920, it is a classic Tudor design, but the interior has been completely remodelled and updated. I have always admired the look of the Tudor style, and gravitate to Tudor/gothic motifs such as quatrefoils, arches with points, heavy fireplaces. A Tudor house in combination with a beautiful interior is a homerun in my eyes!

This home sits on one of the most prestigious streets in Atlanta.

Notice the beautiful detail in the stonework, the two lanterns flanking the front door, and the potted shrubs.

The entry has a beautiful staircase and sconces, and look at the shape of the opening to the living room - I love that shape, and it is so appropriate for a Tudor house.

The dining room. The painting is by Haidee Becker, who is represented by Tew Galleries in Atlanta.

The living room - there is that sisal that is so popular these days, with a rug layered on top.

I love the color of the cabinets in the kitchen - a dark gray.

The family room. I am unclear whether this adjoins the kitchen, but it looks like a nice bright room, and overlooks the back yard.

Another view of the family room.

The upstairs hall has a lantern - very appropriate given my last post on lanterns!

Isn't this bedroom beautiful? It suits my taste perfectly, as I love light and airy cream/white/soft blue bedrooms. The gray painted chest is the perfect touch.

Here is the sitting room to the master.

In my mind, I imagine that this is a very sophisticated teenager's room. The details are great - the cutout of the cornice, the contemporary mirror. I am sure this picture was photoshopped, but it seems to be so light and bright.

One of the upstairs bathrooms. Isn't this an interesting arrangement of mirrors? I like it.

This room is noted as the sunroom. I can't tell whether it is upstairs or downstairs.

The walk-out terrace off the family room overlooks the pool.

Here is a view of the house from the back. I love how the terrace has steps down to the pool.

This home even has a guest house, which looks like it is used as a teen hangout.

Here is the inside of the guesthouse. I love the quatrefoil motif on the floor.

All this can be yours for $3.2 million! Actually, this is a very good price for a renovated house in the heart of Buckhead. If anyone knows the name of the designer who worked on this house, please let us know. It is quite a beautiful home, in large part because of the gracious design inside.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I have always appreciated the look of a lantern or two at the front door of an architecturally classic home, especially if the lantern is gas lit. My favorite look is two lanterns that flank the front door, but I also appreciate a single lantern above the door, if space and architecture do not allow for two. I love the current trend to make the lanterns slightly oversize.

Tradd Street Lanterns, from Carolina Lanterns

The angle of this picture only shows one lantern, but there is another one on the other side of this door.

I saw this home in Charleston, and thought it was a unique way to have two lanterns flanking the front door.

A classic Georgian townhome in London has a lantern above the front door. I see this quite frequently in Atlanta.

This Charleston home only has one lantern by the door; I took the picture because I liked the door, and did not notice the single lantern until writing this post.

Lanterns flank the gate of this home in Charleston.

A few years ago, I was in a showhouse in Atlanta, and noticed that they had a lantern in the family room, instead of a chandelier. I thought this was striking and so beautiful. Since then, I have seen lanterns used inside with increasing frequency. Perhaps it is a trend, but I love the look it gives a room.

Interior design by Sarah Richardson, photography by Stacey Brandford, via Design Smack (oh, how I miss this wonderful blog!). A lantern is perfect in this space.

Interior design by Michael Smith, via Cote de Texas. I think lanterns look particularly good over casual dining spaces.

Interior design by Nathan Egan, via Habitually Chic. This lantern hangs quite low, but works perfectly because it is centered over the hall table.

Interior design by Kimberly Seldon. I love this picture, but can never quite tell where in the house this is located. I imagine it is a center hall, seen from a side hallway.

Interior design by Michael Smith, via Cote de Texas. This lantern is very large in scale, and quite elaborate for a lantern.

Interior design by Michael Smith, via Cote de Texas. Michael Smith clearly loves to use lanterns in his design work!

Interior design by S. Gambrel, via Mrs. Blandings. I love this lantern, and also find it interesting that it is hung almost all the way to the ceiling. Perhaps lanterns are a good solution for ceilings that are not high enough for a large chandelier.

Another picture from the portfolio of S. Gambrel, via Mrs. Blandings. The color of these lanterns is the perfect complement to the scheme of this hall. There is something about a hall with lanterns that reminds me of the campuses of Princeton and Rice University.

Traditional Home magazine. That's it, I am going to put a lantern above my breakfast table. Isn't this an inspirational photo? I love the lantern, how it picks up on the color of the chairs. I am also enamored with the French doors and windows off the kitchen.

A home on the market in Houston, via La Dolce Vida.

From Traditional Home magazine, via Red River Interiors. I think that lanterns look beautiful in double height entries.

Traditional Home magazine, via Red River Interiors. Well, maybe a lantern looks good with a regular height entry as well!

Traditional Home, via Cote de Texas. This is one of my favorite pictures from recent months. Since I have young, messy kids, I do not think it would be practical, but I am not sure how practical it is for me, but I am saving it for my file! The lantern is the perfect lighting in this area.

It is less common to see a lantern in a formal dining room, but this one appears to be at a beach house. I can see how a lantern would be a good foil to the formality of a typical dining room. Via Red River Interiors.

Interior design by Ashley Whittaker, via Peak of Chic.

Ashley Whittaker also seems to like to use lanterns in her designs. Here is a boy's room designed by her, with a cheerful red lantern. Via Peak of Chic.

The focus of this picture is not the lantern, but it is what I focused on! Via My Notting Hill. I seem to have a weakness for green hued lanterns.

A lantern sets this room off beautifully, in a home designed by Atlanta architect Bill Baker.

Another entry with a lantern...again, over a center table. Interior design by Suzanne Kasler, from House Beautiful.

The outside lantern is clearly an enduring feature, as it is functional and classic. Do you think that interior lanterns are a trend whose time will come and go? As I am only a casual observer of design, I do not have the context to make that judgment. All I know is that it is a design feature that really captures my eye!

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